Monday, March 30, 2009

Subject: Man I'm old and feel it Date: Mon, 30 Mar 2009 22:15

Hello Family on the other side of the boarder.
So yeah.... Im so old haha I keep on telling everyone that i have lost my youth and the next thing I will know is that i am a grandpa, and i dont mean in the mission way. But yeah we are going to fiesta it up son!!(Saturday is Westley's Birthday) more like we are going to wait till sunday night and go with the other elders here. We have a cheese cake ordered from the bishop. Still costing us 200 pesos... haha its cool, still love the bishop.
But yeah speaking of feeling old, i want to sleep right now. district leader is not nearly as fun as it first appeares haha and i dont even have a cell to feel official haha but yeah i think the lack of sleep with the added stress of where are my elders hasn't helped me. Im feeling a little out of it right now but the president and his wife are going to come tomorrow to inspect the house, which has been a pleasure cleaning haha, and im going to ask from some medicine from the Hna. Hopefully ill recover soon cause we need to work this week. And by that i mean that this week was not as hot as the weather. We spent the first two days showing the elders around their area and than two days to work in ours followed by a saturday not to forget.

so showing the elders around wasnt bad, we just got limited on the whole working thing. After two days the elders told me to let them be free and try flying solo for a while. They did alright. Already they are fighting with one of the wards but other then that everyone loves them haha. I knew one of the elders before, he is good, just kind of lazy when his companions are. The other one happens to be the bff of the one elder that cursed my dead dog back to the stone age.... yeah... but he has been chill so far. He keeps asking why im district leader and all i say is, "thats my question too" haha but they are a good pair of elders and im excited to have them.

So saturday: We were going to have an interview with a old investigator of mine that lives over in txs. So the zls had to come. They showed up an hour late and then we still had to travel. We get there, she tells us that her daughter is bleeding out of her mouth and nose and that she needs to go to the doctor. The doctor happens to be by the chapel so we all go together. The interview goes fine and everything, everyone is happy! the next morning I call to see how the baptism went and the elders tell me it didnt happen. Apparently, the night before she had a dream where Christ told her not to get baptized that day because it wasnt her time and that the elders where basically evil for trying to change the timing.... Best part of it was that she stood up and said it in sacrament meeting.... so yeah the members look at us funny. I get to talk to everyone and calm them down haha fun day. i told elder valdez and he started looking up scriptures that talk about how satan can appear as christ, i just put my face in my hands and laughed haha good kid

Most exciting thing that happened this week has washing out clothes by hand. I mean washboard and elbow grease. And im not even talking about my abs... (haha i couldnt help it im sorry.)alright, we have got to go finish cleaning the house and i need to take a nap and prepare a lesson for the meeting.... all in one hour haha just watch me do it. Ok you are all great even if i dont know where you are exactly. Be strong and lean on the Lord when it gets tough. Take notes in conference. Im only going to two sessions so be grateful haha jk but they are men called by God. Their words are scriptures.
Esten bien y cuidense
to the moon and back

con amor

Elder Westley Gene Christensen

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