Monday, April 6, 2009

I don't even want to talk about age Sent: Monday, April 06, 2009 4:43 PM

Hello family,

So yeah, I am kind of a rush to get this letter off so we will see how it goes. I was being the generous leader that i am and let all of the other elders write first and they left me with little. See if that ever happens again haha.
ok so first, I hope that everyone had a good time out there in AZ. I realize it was nothing without me but hey what can you do. I would have to say that six inches of snow is a large amount, and that I haven't seen ice in 8 months haha but yeah hope everyone had fun and that all the extended family felt my love this week.
ok so Mom. First the cash -- yeah sorry about that I was going to mention it in last weeks letter but yeah forgot. So its like grandma and grandpa said, I used my own money to get the house for the Elderes. The mission gave me the money back but they gave it to me in pesos.... so I am not sure how I can deposit it again. I will have to ask around. But yes it was me. I didn't enjoy taking it out either. anyways, yes, I received the second package! and we had a party and opened them. Actually I opened the second one because the zls were in my house for the inspection and had not eaten and I shared my goodies with them... but its fine. So the belt is already broken. yeah I don't enjoy reversable belts much. The buckles screws fell off and I don't know where. Also that was a cool article about Spence Larson. That kid is a stud. Love the tie, wore it on my birthday. Gave away alot of candy, haha muchers. The harmonica was a surprise, but I'll try to learn like Sterl and.... obviously all the photos and letters were great. Don't even worry about it Coop, I know it wasn't your Spanish haha i was really impressed at first until i realized you probably cheated, so much love. Also your last letter was funny. You're a clown bro, you are great.
Jen, sounds like Texas was great. I was pumped to read about that class you were teaching in biligual. I am teaching someone that does the same thing mas o menos. any tips? but that's way cool. I hope to play Wii fit soon, I know my character looks good.

So my week. Sick on Monday, Tuesday we stayed in the house waiting for the Presidente until 530, four hours mas o menos. so yeah that was frustrating but I took some medicine after and was great all week. We also had little interviews with the Presidente so that was nice as well.
Wednesday we worked but yeah... not much in results. Thursday we had a little sit down talk elder Valdez and I. I let some things out that we needed to change if we were going to make it through another transfer. And yeah, we have been great the rest of the week. Also went to visit my other elders and at 8 o clock when I passed by, they were both asleep..... so yeah.
DL not that much fun haha they also stayed the night Saturday and yesterday with some elders here so they didn't have to travel back and forth. I didnt know that and the ZLs got mad at me. I decided that I don't like my cell. People only call me to yell or text me to say they can't make it to the appointment. No one texts just to say, have a great day haha whatever.
Saturday wasn't much.... haha jk! elder valdez woke me up with a hug... that started the day off bad haha no but really we ate like 3 times, 3 different cakes. I don't want to eat ever again and the only gift I got was a stuffed heart from the fam. aguilar. and t moneys letter!! Going to write him again!

we only got to watch the Sunday sessions of conference but it was still great. I'm excited to see the Ensign with all the talks.
So family, I love you. Be wonderful because that is who you are. I am sorry I can't write more but hopefully everyone felt my love and my testimony. The church is true, and I am on a mission for her. Pray with total corazon.

To the moon and back,

Elder Christensen

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