Monday, April 13, 2009

How about Easter?‏ Sent: Monday, April 13, 2009 1:43 PM

Hola Familia,

primero, les amo mucho. second, i love you all
How is everyone doing this wonderful Monday morning? I don't have a list of top ten right now but this is my most recent observation that I have been in Mexico too long. Taylre commented that no one wanted to play football in 25 degree weather (in Utah) and I was puzzled. I thought that was a fairly nice day, oh man.
It was lovely to read about the family trip. Glad to hear that grandma and grandpa Bingham and doing great and I'm appreciative of all the work you guys offered. I have gotten one of their letters about a month a ago, I thought I mentioned it but maybe not. Yes, and its the only one, kind of slow but it works.
Glad to hear that grandma Christensen is back on her feet. Sounds like Tucson was a fun trip as usual. Grandpa, good on ya for finishing the BofM, and no Grandma, sometimes I just throw my pants on my bed haha sorry.

Coop. sorry about the rough soccer season but really it's when you need to recognize the opportunity to grow and help. Sounds like you and B had a fun time driving around the parking lot haha clowns. I felt old when i read that haha
Nano, jobs.... lab and than i was thinking of with amy (WR Ship It) where i was. or Smiths!!! yeah baby! it pays good....
Dad is on travel... to where?
and yes i full hearitly agreed with the rescue team sheep metaphor. We are just two people. bring them back.
also elder Sterl stole my Mexico week! those were my new investigators haha we had an Australia week.... but anyways haha enjoy it, I'm taking it back.

Jen, i love you. You made me laugh with all of your questions but here are your answers.....
My clothes are very clean now that I'm am washing by hand, we have a washing machine but it doesnt work super good. Breakfast this week included bananas with peanut butter from my packages. Lunch with the members is always good. yesterday we had a potato soup with chili and then some tacos with a kind of roast beef meat. Dinner we don't usually eat but I recently have found the joy of soup in a cup. MARUCHA haha
I hope you had a fun time out on the ranch.
my week

not alot happened to me this week. We were doing pretty good the first part and then everything just kind went down hill after Wednesday. Thursday we had a three people with the baptismal challenge and no one said yes.... yeah everyone has their issues. the frustrating part is that all of them know that the church is true, like they have said it.... so yeah we are going to work on that. Here Easter is called la semana santa, or holy week. They really only celebrate the death of Christ on Friday and nothing else but everything closes down for three days and no one wants to talk to missionaries, so it was interesting to see. but families would come from all over to have a big lunch on Friday and Saturday relax and Sunday go back home. We actually went to one and it was alright until the uncle fanned a piece of charcoal on my leg haha i was like hmm... something feels hot haha burned a hole through my pants but not the G's haha so that was exciting and then last night was the cherry on top
we went to bed early to catch up on some sleep but at 1030 the phone rings and I'm like what the who is it and the voice was like ¨Elder Christensen, it is the President¨ haha yeah I woke up pretty fast. Appartently an elder was joining to come here to san juan from queretaro without permission and solo and stay with the other elders so i had to get up and go check and see if he was there. and he wasn't... and the Elderes told me that they were waiting for him and he never showed up... so yeah the last time i talked to the pres at 12 no one knew where this elder was and the office called me this morning and they still haven't found him.... so yeah. hopefullly he is not in trouble but i promise you he will be very soon. the Presidente last night was like, welcome to the dl position. I was like yeah feels great haha.

ok fam and fans, I got to go hit up a party for a member in my ward that is leaving on the mission tomorrow. got to go offer my advice and last thoughts, I know that this work and church are true. Learn to pray like you want an answer. My new favorite scripture. Mark 5 36. JUST BELIEVE

to the moon and back
con amor

Elder Christensen
how did everyone do with testimonies this week. mom please report. didn't do it, no love.

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