Monday, April 27, 2009

Everyone just stay calm.... Date: Mon, 27 Apr 2009 17:58:51 +0000

Hola From the land down under... the U.S.

How is everyone doing? I hope well and know that the Lord loves and cares about you. I have been noticing recently how little i bear my testimony in my personal journal and with you guys. So if you note the difference today thats why haha but really how is everyone doing. Dad came home and everyone is happy haha way to go mom and coop sticking together for that long. Best training ever coop for a mission companion, 24/7, two years haha but mom is a good companion so no worries. Glad to hear everyone is back in their proper home and doing well. seeing that i think i responded to alot of the comments the last monday and that i havent had time to read the letters i have for today, i am going to talk about my week. and it was an interesting one as well haha

so tuesday we had the zone conference which was more or less alright. We showed up late because there was road construction but gave us alot of time to watch films on the bus. We watched Work and the Glory 2, Gods Army 2 and Saints and Soldiers haha yeah idk if that really helped us focus much on the work but whatever the zone leaders were running it. also i do not recommend gods army 2 to any young man preparing for a mission,its ridiculous haha but yeah that part was fun. So we showed up started with district presentations and whatever and then Presidente got a call from someone and left.... and came back at the end. Like the Hna Nancollas read his talk for us.... so that was kind of lame cause it was a zone meeting pratically but in Hidalgo. So whatever, i had trouble getting something out of it but it totally payed off in the end!!! haha birthday package from tay wooo!!! heck yeah haha no worries tay, going to write a letter about how great it was haha but yeah also a letter from dan, who is doing better which i was glad to hear, Brother Forsyth and avery. So everyone is doing well and it was nice to here from them. Also mom i talked the the Hna Nancollas, and she is going to send a check so you can deposit the money back in my account. But man was the package great haha

wednesday was ridiculous, we had some appointments in the morning but after the bishop want us to go with him to visit some families. So i said ok and we left at 1 and got home at 630... ridiculous, we only visited two families. so whatever, kind of a waste of time but i would rather have the bishop happy with us.

thursday we did splits with the other elders that are here. What an adventure. We learned that they were sporting a cell, that they went to the peña, which is now out of mission boundries, and that when we arrived at their house at 8 they were still asleep.... haha i love it. but we worked hard all day and had 0 appointments planned... 0.... i felt like i was in the US. but it was good, we worked about found a couple of people. and later i had to talk with the zone leaders about the day and yeah they had a talk with the elders, surprisingly my elders still talk to me haha

friday was a good day, we worked hard after a couple of days not working in my area and we got some work done. but friday in the night we got a call that mission work would be suspended from a couple of days... So i think its on the news in the USA but idk. But there is a new flu virus here and yeah kind of serious. The last i heard was 104 deaths. So everyone is kind of freaking out a little bit. Schools are closed untll the 6th of may and every other meeting place, churches, stadiums, anything. So saturday we went to the appointments we had planned and than left to the house and chilled for the rest of the day. The sickness isnt so much here as in the Df and mexico but seeing as the majority of the elders are there in mexico, the presidente has his plate full. so mom... dont be calling the presidente to ask how i am, im fine, he has enough moms calling to ask where their sons are and why they are still in mexico haha so its all good. we have just been relaxing and taking naps.
and that was my ridiculous week. also we found the two guys from seattle again!!! we knocked on their door and now they are taking the lessons haha the Lord has a plan and is going to accomplish it.

sterling... stop kissing kangaroos! you are great man, keep it up

We are having a baptism this week! Its the husband of a member and he has a fear of people..... like a real fear. So we are having the baptism at 8 in the morning so its just us and his family and the bishop and the confirmation... i think he is going up with a blindfold haha no but idk, i will pray harder.
> last week of this transfer and idk whats coming, maybe we will have interviews this week but im not sure. I was thinking about how im going to miss elder valdez... he is still a kid at times but hey... so am i haha

ok fam and fans, i got to go sit in my house and not get sick but know that i am fine and great. and that i love you all with all my heart and that i know that this church is the best thing that can happen to people if they just listen a while. Dont just believe, live it. YOu are all my testimony
to the moon and back
con amor
Elder W Christensen

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