Monday, March 16, 2009

Week of Surprises Date: Mon, 16 Mar 2009 20:45:28

Whats hip hop happening fam?
It was awesome to hear from practically everyone last week, minus coop, lazy kid haha jk bro much love. I loved reading all of your letters and they were all inspiring in one way or another. So right now my knee is not doing so hot. I took some pain pills and stretched and yeah we will have to see. Im not worried, much, just yeah i realized that i just need to hang up the cleats and throw in the towel. Sports are not for me.
Anyways, off my soap box, haha sounds like everyone is doing well. Tay, sorry about all the tests, i hope you survived. Britton thanks for the shout out and way to support my brothers on the other side of the boarder. Haha sorry your computer isnt that great jen haha but really dad was thinking about getting you guys a new one, just that his bike came first haha i hope you two, mom and dad, are enjoying your gifts and yeah i guess you dont have to go to ireland. Mexico is where its at! I am starting to see more tourists here because the weather is pretty nice. I would not mind taking a dip in the pool some days haha this new guy that we are teaching wants to get baptized in a river.... I aint getting into a river in mexico haha apparently its against the rules in this mission anyways.
Coop, hope sports are going well, remember to stretch haha and nano, i know you are not getting married, just checking up like a big brother. and... yeah i hope this week was great for everyone.
ok my week haha full of surprises and fun. So monday in the junta we were thinking about possibly, possilby, having the baptism with the hermana aguliar this week. My dl took that and ran with it. He was going to come wednesday to interview and friday bapstism, cause it was the only day that her godfather could come. So the fun part was telling the hermana haha we passed by to ask her how she felt about this week and she was fine with it because we had talked about it before. But then elder valdez just started saying some... (the truth dumb things) i love the kid i do but sometimes! he started talking about how we have goals for baptisms and stuff and how if we didnt baptize our leaders would get mad and stuff. I was like elder, callete! la verdad haha so the hermana in a space of 5 minutes went from lets do it this week to no i dont want to. I was just like... why? but we talked and the hermana calmed down and chewed me out for not having faith that she knew that the church was true and that she was only kidding for the most part haha it was a dramatic night for me haha but yeah interview wednesday and everything went great. We learned thursday night that we were going to have interviews friday in the morning in quaretaro so yeah.... pleasant surprise of less sleep haha and it was weird cause it was the first interview that i was not terribly excited to go to. I didnt know what the presidente was going to say or really what i wanted to talk to him about. elder valdez went first and i followed in after him. so yeah bad news....elder valdez is going to have a dl as a companion. worse news, im his companion for the next cambio haha yeah.... we are going to have a district there in my little city of san juan and i have been choosen to lead this misfortunate group haha its not because i know what i am doing, let me make that extra clear, but because i have the most experience in my area that the new elders are going to fill. So we loose tequisquiapan and san jaun to them and we keep lomas which i am pumped about. so means cell phone! you can hit me up with a text tay haha oh how i pretend im funny haha also means zls calling every night to see how my band of scrubs is doing haha oh man... this is going to be an adventure. Stayed tunned these upcoming weeks, should be exciting haha. But yeah i know one of the elders thats coming and he is a good kid and i know he will work. also got the package from mom, thanks mom, excited to see all my goodies haha but yeah, there is my news haha yesterday we had our confirmations and everything went great! Now, just got to get the Hermano Aguilar in the font haha and yesterday their son, who is great but hasnt really put much attention into us, teenagers haha commented to his mom yesterday in church that he is going to start taking the lessons from us! there it is!

ok i got to bounce but hey, what did we learn today in class? westley loves his family and others with all of his heart and has random moments where random memories make him sad for just a moment but then really happy directly after because he has those memories. You are all great. I do not boast of my own strength but i will glory in my God!
to the moon and back

con amor
Elder Christensen

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