Saturday, January 3, 2009

Yeah not in mexico anymore... Sent: Monday, December 29, 2008 4:57 PM

hola familia,
I hoped my title would get your attention I suppose it worked. so yeah today were transfers and i am not longer in the state of mexico. i am in the very moment in another state of mexico called Quarétaro, it is like three hours north west of my old area. it is like the holy grail of the mission in that everyone wants to come here because the members are rich and the food is good haha but really its different than every other part of the mission so its cool to get to spend a little time here and work. my new companion is from mexico and i have never met him before but for the three hours that we have together he looks like a good elder. yes i am still minor... yeah i was pretty upset about it haha really it was just a matter of pride, so yeah this morning in the shower i was just thinking and i realized that i still have alot more growth to happen before i am the leader that i want to be and that i shouldn't have questioned the same president that two days before i was praising to my family. so yeah it was just yet another humbling experience here in mexico haha but the cool thing is that i came with an elder from prados that i liked and elder graham from my district in the mtc was here to meet me at the bus station so that was nice too.

but speaking of which i talked to my family this week! how cool was that i was talking all this trash that 40 minutes would not be a problem for me but heck man, fastest 40 minutes of my life but it was great and yes coopers voice is a little deeper, much love bro. also is painful when the power goes out while talking to your dad, so yeah wished i could have talked longer and with more people... in oregon... haha jk but seriously. but i lived and loved it. but yeah christmas here in mexico.... let me just go ahead and say that christmas is not that exiciting a, without your family and b, the way mexico celebrates it haha they dont open presents on the 25th which i didnt know untill the 25th so that was kind of a bummer but they have another holiday on the 7th of January were they open presents and everything and its great fun but i also learned that santa doesn't come here the hard way haha i was chatting with one of my favorite little kids and i asked him what he asked from santa this year and he was like... santa doesn't come here... and i was like west you dumby, the family told the kids that santa is not coming and yeah all that stuff. i was sweating a little bit to say the least haha but than he put a smile on and said that he asked for an action figure from teh three magic kings, sometimes you got to learn the hard way. but yeah it was all good, we broke a piñata and ate a lot of turkey on the 24th and the 25th. i missed left over turkey sandwiches haha but yeah we worked on both the days, didnt find anyone but we put froth the effort. and it all payed off because on Saturday we found like 5 awesome investigadores that i dont have now... anyways, elder slade has a lot of good stuff to work with. but yeah we blanked this transfer, as in didn't baptize... yeah never again. never again. speaking of which we are going to baptize this Sunday in my new area.

i got no more time so sorry this is so short but i love all or you and pray for you twice a day at least. hope everyone is enjoying their break and getting ready to go back to school. do work.
to the moon and back...
con amor
Elder Christensen

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