Monday, January 26, 2009

yeah.. que semana‏ Sent: Mon 1/26/09 3:24 PM

hey guys
so yeah lets just start off by saying that last week was just a rough week and that im sorry that i didnt get to write. I was able to send that little note on thursday and i printed off all of your letters so at least i knew what was going on in all of your lives right haha so yeah if i talk about things from two weeks ago, sorry, thats just the age im in haha oh yeah, happy seven months to everyone, even if you didnt hear aboout half of the month haha its just how life is sometimes, and my district meeting should be a good one today. haha but that is just my business so lets talk about you guys. it soundsl like everyone is doing fairly well, either getting used to school, or starting up sports. coop you are a stud, congrats on the win, keep up the hard work, dad sorry about the parents, you know how it is sometimes haha mom sounded good, thanks for going to stay with grandpa, sounds like you were a help. and speaking of which, i cant even believe i skipped this. grandpa! haha how are you doing haha sounds like you will be back to running around in no time. lets get that excercise up and thanks for your letters. lets try to keep it less than a dozen of those heart helpers haha. but im glad that everyone is doing well and taking on challenges like a champ. that is something that i am learning write now. oh yeah i would love to write dave but i forgot his address.... also dont know who stephen r cores is.... oh yeah congrats on teh the new calling mom. kill them with kindness haha jen hope your new raise is helping out. and yes mom i will try that new number and it does ring some bells, just hope its the right one haha and yes in fact my last conference was like a christmas party all over again, i got three packages, the envelope, the old lost christmas box with captn crunch! and a something from the forggets, please thank them for me. and a letter from t money and avery.... writing them both back this week. also going to send dan a letter but send it to you guys to send cause i dont know how to do it here.
ok my two weeks, well we had a conference last week which was pretty good and i really enjoyed it. it just took three hours to get to by highway haha we are out from everyone. and yeah.... i think that was everything exciting last week haha that was quick. so this last week was rougher. i couldnt write because monday was ridiculous and my companion and dl were... difficult and monday night i left back to mexico to goto a conference of dls or future dls... yeah i konw haha no but it was cool. we eat breakfast and had a festival of testimonies for 8 hours haha i shouldnt be so negavtive cause it was really powerful, but after the first two hours it was a little something like the testimony night at girls camp haha thats what elder farmer and i came to the conclusion of anyways haha oh yeah all my boys were there! my whole district and all my ex companions.... i imagine it is like seeing all your ex girlfriends in the same room haha jk but it was great to catch up and eat lunch with them. they are all still studs. so yeah we also got this sweet poem thing entitles, the fellowship of the unashamed, read it love it apply it. pure power. so yeah we came back and it was a week of walking around doing a whole bunch of nothing. I am struggling to encourage my companion. it was a rough week haha im hoping to grow alot from it though haha and we have interviews this week too so that will be good. friday was the worst day,i got yelled at by everyone haha my dl my members my self, i was feeling pretty low. so i did the lonely thing i could think of. I prayed the most earnest prayers i have ever. I am grateful for that opportunity... and saturday after my prayers and my speech to my comp i was expecting great things, and we didnt. again haha rough week, but hey, no witness until after the trail of your faith right? and yesterday was pretty good with church and seven months. its crazy how it happens.

Important things to remember:
i love you all
with all my heart
i pray for you daily
i had a rough week but hey since when has salvation been easy
that i know that our Heavenly Father answers prayers...
He hears us.

ok, you are all my examples, keep fighting the good fight
to the moon and back

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