Monday, January 5, 2009

Starting the new Year the mexico way! Date: Mon, 5 Jan 2009 22:11:26 +0000

Hello American family

how is everyone feeling today? í am doing great haha i just beat elder acevedo in pool seven times in a row, and it was all luck haha he is really good so he doesnt want to talk about it, just a bad day haha but yeah how are my siblings doing these days, i heard jen got into grad school, congrats sis. im not sure what all that means but it sounds good. haha mom no worries, you will have grandchildren some day. just not for three years haha love you sis. and danielle is working all the time now and playing wii haha keep it up sis, you know i would be doing the same. and sounds like coop started basketball and got ridiculous amount for chirstmas. be grateful haha jk thats awesome bro. so yeah everyone told me about rockie, that is way sad. but hey, he was a good dog and i only yelled at him once or twice. sorry about that one dad. and no dad, im not wiser haha im going to argue that one with you but older yes. 20 in three months!!! probably a third of my life right there haha jk learned that my companion was 21... would have guessed younger haha but yeah thanks grandma and grandpa for your letter, i thoroghly enjoyed them haha sounds like sterl made it to the land down under well, thanks for forwarding those letters mom, im very excited to see the newest cousin in the field. oh yes and happy very late birthday brit, i feel you on the old part haha jk

ok before i forget again, i tried the card again and it got mad and said i had a hot card so i figured i made it mad and havent touched it since. idk, im going to talk with the presidente soon if i cant figure something out. and yeah.. i think that it all of my issues right now other than it is ridiculously hot right now haha i miss snow, i really do. im tired of getting sunburned haha and with that i apologize to tay because we had a discussion about how a elder returned from here to her home ward and he was all tan and whatnot and i argued that it was going to be cold.... well i was wrong, its only cold at like 11 at night and that is really 50 degrees or something.

ok so my terribly long and interesting week haha. so monday i arrived here in quarétaro the city and i met my district and whatnot and i saw elder graham in the bus port and it was all good. that night i unpack and go to bed excited to start in a new area, a member wakes us up in the morning saying the lzs called and that we had to call them back, we do and they tell us we are moving to a different area because the new dl in my district has to be in the city. ends up i pack twice in 48 hours and we move out on wednesday and another elder takes me to my new area called San Juan del Rio, its the second biggest city in Quarétaro. the funny thing is though, is that the entire state of Quarétaro is my area with exception with the city of Quarétaro... i just got handed a state the size of vermont as my area and told , go get em champ haha it was funny while we were driving there because the elder the showed me around the city, elder ortiz, is new and still full of fun and was like, elder, everything you can see is yours haha it was like the scene from lion king where mufasa is ontop of pride rock with zimba and says every where the light touches will be yours someday. expect that someday was wednesday and there is no elephant graveyard haha but it has been fun for the most part trying to learn from stratch, i try to imagine it like the first elders that really didnt have any help. but yeah im still with elder acevedo but wednesday elder ortiz showed me around and edler acevedo stayed in quaretaro to teach the area to my dl. i have two wards in the city of san juan and a branch out in the middle of no where that i get to visit tomorrow haha im pumped to meet them. the nearest elders to where i live are three bus rides and an hour away. it is a lot more beautiful here, so if you guys come, i want you to see this area haha so wednesday night, new years eve, in the house by 8... not too exciting but i dont think we missed out on much. thursday elder acevedo came and we worked for the rest of the day. it was kind of a bummer that the whole week we only found two news... but i am confident that this week will be different. it was kind of crazy also wednesday night because i realized that for this entire year ill be on a mission... idk it was interesting to me. other than that nothing much has happened to me haha

oh yeah! found a copy of the liahona in english from the general conference edition, been eating it up, at least 4 talks a day haha i have a renewed testimony that President Monson and his apostles are called of God. So powerful.

Also i want to hear how everyones testimony went yesterday, i gave mine. i am going to keep track haha also dad i feel like i say what i want to happen and fully expect it to happen, but really im doing it cause i know it will be a blessing. I need perfect home teaching this year, im serious, it is the most frustrating thing to try to get inactives to come back espiecially when they dont have any contact with the chruch. so sorry im being demanding but i know its a blessing.

haha ok sorry about the seriousness

ok fam and fans i got to run and do something great but remember that i love you and that i am confident that you are all rocking at what you are doing. do an act of charity this week. You are always in my prayers

to the moon and back

Elder Westley Gene Christensen

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