Monday, January 12, 2009

Loving the Sun Sent: Mon 1/12/09 4:13 PM

so how is everyone doing today? wonderful i hope. let me jsut go ahead and say that i miss snow... alot haha or maybe just a change of weather, something other than hot haha im not boasting 40 degrees like sterl but i was breaking a sweat the other day just walking. maybe im just over weight haha no jk. my living situation. well its a nice house again with two stories and really as soon as you get rid of all the piles of trash and ants, it might be something to be jealous of haha. Yeah i got here by bus and that is the only way we get around here. there are taxis but they dont have meters so it is like.... how much would it cost to go here? 100 pesos. and the bus is 5 so yeah. haha i cant believe we bought the office for the family haha thats great. cooper, just plug your ears on the bad parts haha idk, i liked it. so mom just to refresh your mind, im a guy, telling me that danielle looked great in her red pumps and flared jeans gives me the mental image of nike air pump basketball shoes and fiery pants. haha sorry i need pictures. tough to hear about Chance. i might have been out of the county for a little bit but what? dad has a separated shoulder?! haha maybe i just forgot, which is likely.

ok my week. Well we went to my little branch out in the middle of nowhere. its acutally really pretty it reminded me alot of tucson and the plaza downtown in santa fe. its a big tourist spot and with reason. i would definitely show it to you guys. but yeah its hard working there because we totally depend on the members there for help because we can only be there two days a week and never on sunday so the members have to bring them to church and almost do everything. but thats what the church is about right?

thursday my dl came to work with me cause he was going to do an interview later but yeah i learned he is from juarez, just south of jen and went to school and NMSU for a year. so that was a little nice reminder of home. we also met my new favorite inactive family. the mom reminded my of aunt stacey for some reason... haha idk but she was way nice. saturday was a big day for two reasons. first we found a bomb family that was totally prepared for us. they have member friends and they just ask the most perfect questions, like how can we know that joseph smith was a prophet? i pray for moments like that and it happened! haha buenisimos! it would be my first family too... the second reason saturday was big was because my comp turned one in the mission!! we went and got tacos to celebrate with a member. i am going to make these tacos for you guys when i come back. they are wonderful! with a lot fo grease.... but yeah my comp. we are going to try the touch love approach this week. its not that we arent working it is just that we are confusing movement with action. we need more action.

also learned that one of my bishop and his coucilors each own a bakery.... cinammon rolls... who would still love me if i gained 20 kilos.... (40 pounds) haha jk but it happened to a members son here! it is about what is inside right? haha

my brother in the work

Elder Sterl, you are a stud man. When i read your letter i was so pumped for you, i dont know how i didnt think of it before but stralia is the mission for you man, its so obvious. yeah hope you enjoy your bike and car... karma always comes around haha jk that is cool. glad to hear im not the only one having language problems, but hey, just stick with it and i know you will rock it. im excited to hear how the baptism went for you. I have been on a eight week fast... killing me but yeah, just keep knocking those doors for me haha oh yeah 40 degrees C is 105 F, just so you know. Do Work Elder

alright guys and gals, i got to fly but know that i love you and that i hope the best for you. Today i met some of the newest elder from the states and i just smiled because i was them four months ago... didnt know anything. I have room to improve and thats why im out here. i love you all with all my heart. Love one another.

to the moon and back...

con amor

Elder Christensen

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