Friday, December 26, 2008

Big Six Months, but who is counting? Sent: Monday, December 22, 2008 1:24 PM

Hola American Family,

how is everyone doing now adays, i just took a quick look at the photo that tay sent me and nine inches is something to brag about haha i can only imagine how wonderful it must in new mexico. Im not going to lie, i miss the snow, but not the cold haha i hope everyone is doing well. again i forgot my list of awesome things to write about on my desk so i am a little upset but hopefully i will remember most of it. ok well first of all, hope my package got there haha i would use words to describe that package but im a missionary. so frustrating, and than the worst part was that it cost more than moms three boxes to me... yeah i wasnt too happy about that but i hope coop enjoys it and that everyone can have a little piece of the mexico temple, seeing as it was mostly what i sent. but yes the other frustrating part was that we had to empty everything out and the guy had to check everything for drugs and whatever so it all got screwed up so basically mom, the ring, a photo, and the memory chip all go to tay, if you would be so kind haha much love and yeah throw in a mexico magnet or something. and the rest is for the family, but really, package from me, probably never again, so enjoy this one. glad that nano is home, working ehh but hey is it money. mom you are funny, i hope everyone has their questions written haha and yes mom i think the phone card is a good idea and i think i will just call and you guys can call back on the phone card, i get 40 mintues and i would rather not do speaker cause its just screaming haha but im hoping for the 24th so jenny and britton can head off. so yeah... should be good haha im excited, havent put much thought into it, mostly just going to be another day with a couple extra meals haha but yeah it will be cool, hopefully i dont sound too weird with my phrases and whatnot ahahok what else did i forget, oh yeah dad, great job on the talk, i talked too but i dont think it was as good as yours, i dont remember that story though. glad you guys found the christmas tree without too much blood, even though the blood does add something to it haha glad to hear that sterl made it alright to the mtc, that kid is such a stud haha love him, and thats cool about B, i understand that cooper might love me like that too haha jk bro, your awesome, do work. uh what else.... cambios are next week and yeah... it feels like elder slade and i have been together longer haha he is just a little prideful but hey so am i. idk, really im hoping for a new area but ill do whatever the president tells me. oh yeah got a letter from dan and andrew wilson on thursday, i wrote dan a letter today so it will probably be there... march haha but he sounds good just having the regular problems. send my love to him please. hope basketball is going well

took my week really fast the first part of the week was pretty normal, we found a couple of solid investigadores that have some real interest in the church so that was cool, just sad part was that we didnt get anyone of them to the church... yeah we will have to work on that this week. but thursday was the big day! i forgot to tell you that we were going to the temple as a mission haha so yeah we went! well just half of us one day and the other half anther day. so yeah we filled the room and is was way cool in spanish, alot of words i didnt know and it was in vosotros so it was a little hard. i messed up alot haha but its cool, comes with practice. after we ate as a mission and had a christmas activity where people sang and stuff, it was pretty sweet. and than the presidente got up there and was just deadly serious, have a great christmas, get to work, and than he sent sent an email that was like, if you dont want to work the right way, you basically dont believe in Christ. it was pretty intense, he is just done with the crap from the elders that refuse to change. idk, very serious though.

on a lighter note i got my package from tay!!! whoo i was so pumped! all the mexicans were like... why do you have the virgin guadalupe on your package and i explained it was because i didn't want to get robbed. the americans thought it was genius and the mexicans... well they didnt like it very much haha but yeah thanks love, the tie is hidious... its perfect!!! (thanks taylre for donating the tie for the burn) and the sick awesome tshirt, wore it last night haha anyways, it was great, thank you very much.

saturday we had two elders go home because the cambios are next week but the presidente wanted them to be home for christmas so yeah we are one zone leader down and one down in my district. kind of chaos haha and yeah all the ward parties this weekend that we couldnt go to because they start at nine and end at one in the morning! ridiculous haha but yeah good stuff and the funny thing of the week, i was with the zone leader that is left and he is from washington and yeah were chatting and a member comes up to us and tells us she is a member of a ward in our zone and offers us a ride and my zl was like, oh ok so you know edler aquino? but in english and she just looked at him weird and didnt understand so he said it slower the second time and then i was laughing too hard and had to tell him that he was speaking in english and not spanish haha he really didnt know the difference. good times
Ok folks, i got to run, no sports today.. kind of sad but since no one got mad last time i dont feel bad saying i scored 4 goals haha ok for those of you that i am not going to talk to this week, feliz navidad and have a great week. and for my fam, talk to you wednesday! love you all and pray for you often.
to the moon and back
con amor

elder w christensen

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