Monday, December 1, 2008

July in Christmas... o algo Sent: Monday, December 01, 2008 2:54 PM

hello americans

haha i only make the distiction because we played football today and the americans lost to the mexicans. Really they only learned ten minutes before hand how to play so yeah... it was humbling haha anyways... how is everyone doing?

I would make a comment that tay is the only one that wrote me, so for a whole week i felt love from no one else, but that would just be mean haha just kidding mom, i still love you, i figured you guys were either traveling or just about to leave so no se preocupre, it is all good. i know you all love me, and how do i know that, because i got two bomb packages! yeah i was pretty pumped haha and yeah sorry mom, they opened both of them, the mary pictures didn´t work haha but no worries, i think it was the secrateries anyways, its a mission rule or something. but yeah i think everything was there. I set up and make my tree last night haha i was just like... this is such a mom thing haha but i loved it regardless. if only i had presents to go under it... haha jk but everything was great, thanks for the sweater, it was 80 degrees today haha idk what is going on but its not december like i know it. so yeah thanks for everything and the pixi stixs are already gone... so yeahspeaking of holidays, thanksgiving doesnt exist here haha no surprise but yeah it was just an ordinary thursday, except when we walked into a members house to teach and they had texas vs taxas am on their huge flat screen. i almost died haha and i hate texas! weird, but yeah that was

tuesday elder slade had to go to a leadership training so i went with teh zone leader that is going home in three weeks. it really wasnt bad, he doesnt know english so i learned alot of spanish haha we studied and worked all day. Before he was probably one of my least favorite people but know we get along just great. and he is one of the kind of leagands here, baptized 52 weeks in a row, some of them are more real than others but hey that is how this mission used to be. but overall it was a good break from the same companion and i learned alot.

so yeah i think it was either the last letter or the second to last letter but i mention my first blessing in english. yeah well saturday night i gave my first in spanish to an hermano that had this disease where if he eats alot of meat he gets crystals in his blood that tear the skin and attacks the joints, idk but is extremely painful and he couldnt walk. so yeah i went up there and tried my best and yeah... if you ever want to be humbled, try listening to the spirit in a different language haha but i was only shaking a little bit after it haha, and the next morning, here comes the hermano trotting into the chapel with a smile on his face. obviously he wasnt doing jumping jacks but it was still a pretty awesome experience to be a part of. I am very grateful to have had that opportunity.

this sunday was only the childrens program haha it is just the same in mexico as in the US, still look for the one kid that signs the loudest and every kid that eats the mic and screams something and skips off haha it was even better cause we have two wards so i got to do it twice haha so overall it was a pretty good week, we found this bomb family that has been going to church in a different stake with their friends and the missionaries there are slow so yeah hopefully we can get them to come here.

alright guys, i love you all. I cant say it enough. I see families every day here and they are all in different modes of life and i am so grateful for you mom and dad and for your examples, im grateful for the gospel and im grateful that i have three wonderful siblings that i can be a hero for. it was a great letter nano. yes nano, take note haha alright, i hope you are all dominating what you are doing and remember to ask in prayer for the things you lack, cause i can bear testimony that he wants to give it to you. its strange here, my greatest moment has been watching a kid, issac, who had everything going against him to learn the gospel bless the sacrament on sunday. yeah he screwed up 5 times but all the better. just now i smile thinking about it. its a wonderful experience here.. i regret nothing. and for all you elders about to enter or are entered, remember to hold on to those wonderful moments, cause they are going to carry you. I love you guys. to the moon and back...
Con amor
Elder Christensen

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