Monday, November 24, 2008

Five Months is nothing Sent: Mon, 24 Nov 2008 16:57:03

hey fam
so yeah crazy week this week. and by that i mean that it wasnt the best,
companionship wise, ivestigadores, members, anything haha but i will
explain, and really everything is good, i just need to work harder. but
first shout out to everyone! haha the air force game sounds pretty sweet
not going to lie, i would totally have loved to have gone. next time
though haha and britton because you were a first time writer, ill answer
your question. yes the angel moroni does have the golden plates under his
arm. i thought i sent pictures of it two weeks ago but i think i screwed
up so i sent them again today, hopefully they work. also jen, hope
graduating feels great haha and that twilight was everything and more than
you wanted it to be haha but seriously i donĂ‚´t need an essay about it haha
coop, sorry about the stubbed toe man, glad you took it like a man though
just like i taught you haha it was wonderful to hear from everyone! and
yeah danielle, sorry about the roomates but this semester is over and you
can find some others. maybe you have learned everything from them that you
are going to haha jk
ok my week really fast,
so yeah my companion... he is a great guy, he really is. just kind of
difficult at times. like now he is mad at an elder in my district because
he is dead, or not working, because he is going home in five weeks, but
than i pointed out to him that this dead missionary still brought twice as
many investigadores to the capilla as we did, (2) speaking of which, all of
our investigatores dropped us, we stopped by and all of them said, yeah we
dont want you anymore... so yeh that was way frustrating but i know this
week is going to be better. also church was rough, we got chewed out in
ward council cause we didnt bear our testimonies in one of the wards. they
were like, never in my life have i seen missionaries just sit there. it
was ridiculous but im trying to be humble about it, not working very well
haha pride before the fall i guess. the funny part is that my zone might
be dan jones! which is jsut an award for having the most baptisms, from
worst to best haha also about the cultural event, its online somewhere if
you can find it one the church website and if not, youtube haha or thats
what my members tell me. so cool stories, first, i gave my first blessing
ever! in english, but she is a school teacher so she understood most of it
but i was way nervous when i started but than the spirit took over and it
was sweet haha but really i was pumped to do it and next time is in
spanish... haha and the second cool story is that one lunch appointment we
had, the family was watching the other side of heaven, which i would like
everyone to watch again, or any other missionary film haha and yeah guess
what my new nickname is? kolipoki! haha all day yesterday at church haha
tmoney!! i know you are in there right now buddy, but really the mtc is
pretty good haha you have a letter coming so be patient and it is like i
said in the letter, you aremy example of a missionary already. and if you
could be with me for 9 months you could be with anyone for 6 weeeks haha
alright everyone, i lvoe you tons and forever and a bunch. i hope that you
are all doing well and staying warm. this week was so cold!! but this
weekend was like 80s haha so yeah mexico. but i pray for you all every
day, tell dan i love him and he is stronger than he thinks.
to the moon and back...

con amor
Elder Westley Gene Christensen

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