Monday, November 10, 2008

Two Americans Rollin in Mexico Sent: Monday, November 10, 2008 12:49 PM

Hey guys!
so this time i am doing it a little differently. I only have a half hour to write so i am going to just write for all of it and than print all of your letters at the end to read later. so yeah if it seems like i am not answering any questions or saying how awesome anyone is doing, it is because i dont know anything haha but yeah i am going to go ahead an talk about my favorite topic, me haha really i am sorry that i am terrible with this whole email thing but i am going to figure it out one of these days.
anyways, my new companion. elder slade. from mesa, like every missionary from arizona, con excepcion with sterling haha that is so cool man, i know you are going to rock it. just dont be a stupid missionary that your parents wouldnt be proud of. there is an elder here going home in a week and yeah has the maturity of a 16. just know a mission is the closest to real life you will ever get. anyways my companion, he is actually really great. he can be a little blunt at times which makes me feel kind of dumb but i always end of loving him anyways haha for example he told me that i speak spanish like a gangoso.. look it up haha its funnier in spanish. anyways, he loves to work and be obidient. he got upset this week when we only found 6 news, he really wants to work, its wonderful haha we worked so hard that i totally missed the first week of november, cant remember anything. but yeah he comes from a rough family background where his two older brothers both did something while filling out their papers and werent able to go on missions. so yeah even more impressive that he wants to be a better example for them. we will definitely be together for next cambios as wellexciting things of the week.
two bautismos!!!! give me some love haha there were two girls that were friends with a member in our ward and thats i how we met them. but yeah, they are going to be great in the future. funny story though, so yeah i was going to perform it and i was getting into the font. totally ate it on the first step and crashed into the pool. the doors to the font were closed and so the crowd could only hear chaos and english words being yelled. its ok, only elder slade understood them haha jk but yeah that started it off well and than i couldnt say their names haha it took like 5 times each one and the bishop was just standing over me as a witness making be feel dumb and calling me a dumb gringo haha but we finally got it done and yeah, so pumped about it. we have another baptism for this friday for issac, awesome kid. he came to us last week and was like, i dont know what to do, i want to continue with the church but my grandpa said he would disown me if i did ( his dad died a while ago, so yeah the father figure) and it crushed me. i just told him with all my heart that God loves him and will provide a way if he asks for help. Came up to us tuesday with a big old grin and was like, i dont know what is gonig to happen but i have all this courage and love and i am going to talk with my grandpa but really, i just want to be baptized. how awesome is that!! best feeling all week, the Lord totally answered my prayers and his.speaking of this week.
Giant Cultural Event in the second largest stadium in the world? with the Prophet and President Eyring? yes it is going to happen and i am pumped! five missions are going to sing and they told us that it was going to be broadcasted so yeah... look for me haha and than sunday, temple dedication, already got my ticket haha it is going to be an awesome week, and we are going to find so many people and teach them and yeah.... i am just grining thinking about it haha
one more funny story, elder slade had been talking with a couple of elders one night on the phone about things the next day and whatever and he hangs up and comes to bed. the phone rings again and he, thinking that it is one of the elders that he was just talking to, says "whasup!!!!!" and the next thing i hear is..... "... oh Hermana Nancollas. how are you? i didnt think it was you...." haha i just bust up laughing. good times. she had called to talk some medical things with elder slade.
yeah thats all ok guys, i love you all and am grateful for your prayers and fasts. you are all my testimony and my strength.
(sterl, you are going to rock it man, you have such a good attitude and a way of loving people. The lord knows that and he is going to use that gift. Best two years. )
do great things, and remember who you are and dont let it get you down =) haha
love you all with all my heart
to the moon and back....
con amor
Elder Christensen

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