Monday, November 3, 2008

Big news in mexico! Sent: Monday, November 03, 2008 4:45 PM

hola familia,
well first let me say that there are not going to be pictures again for another week because i just came from bowling, which i dominated, and i thought we were going to pass by our house again before but whatever. i am really sorry cause they are some awesome pictures and i keep on talking about them but got nothing to show for it... I am making a promise right now, next week, or you dont write me. ok that is a little dramatic, ill remember

anways the big news! last night we were just about to crash in the beds, well me cause i ahve been sick again..., haha its getting old really, but this is just a header ache, cold, fever thing... anyways we were about to crash and than elder tolosa gets a call. emergecy transfers. he left this morning at like 12. yeah crushing. it is becuase the president is sending people home now, six so far, and yeah he had to swith some things around to make it work so yeah my new companion is elder slade. he is the step cousin of an elder in my district haha very interesting but i like him. he is a good bowler and yeah wants to work and do the right thing. it made me sad reading all the letters from you guys and how obvious it was that elder tolosa and i werent getting along. we actually had a talk two night ago and yeah we totally let everything out. it was probably the best thing that could have happened to me right now. obviously he told me i need to work on my patience and how if i really am not a unhappy person that i need to show it. i know you are all knodding your heads so you can stop it haha but yeah got to put that smile on, because really, i wouldnt want to be anywere else. so yeah i will see him tomorrow for a conference, long time no see

ok exciting things of the week
we hiked montaƱa zero last monday. the first part was fighting man size spiders and the second was rock climbing mulan mountain. you will understand when you see the pictures haha but it was fun because i went with the elders that i dont spend much time with in the zone and yeah got to know them

second we went to the pyramids! bien chito! i was sick but yeah still fun because it was like hello! lamatines, christ coming! obvious! haha but yeah we met the head lady and she is lds so anyone that picks me up gets a free tour. i have pictures of the pyramids too. two things real fast. one of the smaller temples, called the temple of christ.... could it be more obvious haha and the second is that when we were on the top on the temple of the sol we were taking pictures and stuff and these two girls ask me if them can take a picture with me and i am like what? haha but yeah everyone just laughed at me and i just kept my hands in my pockets and smiled and prayed for elder tolosa to help haha what can i say, still got it haha jk sorry

found a lot of nuevos this week but no baptisms, but we gat two lined up for this week. thank you for your fast. also going to send a package next week with little things. and cooper... idk i am going to remember this... haha love you anyways
also want to apologize for being so whiney in last weeks letter
i am doing awesome

love you all and sorry i cant write more

elder christensen

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