Monday, October 27, 2008

Who went to the temple? i did! Sent: Monday, October 27, 2008 5:35 PM

Hola familia y otros

ok first and formost this devastating news. the package that mom sent two weeks ago, that i had loved and wanted to receive with all my heart, got sent back home last week. so yeah it will be at home in a couple of days. sorry about that but like i tried to explain before the company that used to do the packages quit and now they sit in a mexican postage office for a week and if the person doesn´t sign for them, it goes back. so idk what is going to happen with the one coming. hopefully i can make it to the office before it gets sent home, haha not bitter, full of love

k that was a little much of a rant but its over. it was great to hear from mom and dad.... haha and i´m going to laugh and type, im sorry. anyways, congrats coop on an awesome season. now you can help mom around the house more! and get grades up before basketball haha jk you are great man, keep it up. and before i forget, the dhl connection that the other elder had was only for receiving packages, no help on the 850 pesos. so yeah idk, idk what to do but its ok cause i haven´t boughten anything because we havent shopped. so yeah i need to figure some stuff out. but good news on the letter front. presidentes parents are coming to help in the office and he told me in the interviews this week that if i give the office a letter to send out that it would be gone in a week so yeah they come this saturday. sorry t money, i dont think you are going t get a letter. haha so frustrating! really im pretty calm right now, like on the outside, but really i want to scream cause of all the little dumb things haha anyways im good.

i have heard of that four stage thing that you got mom, i was there for the devotional. im in the hate everything phase haha no cierto, but it is definitely difficult sometimes. like we dont have gas or water in our house haha because we done have money but that will change monday so its all good.

sorry you had to work all week mom. im sure it is paying off. with all these rumors about the US that we hear from members, it could help alot. and yeah the pictures are great. they are a little bit of a pain at first but totally worth it once it is done so please, not a lot, but continue. and i can try the card again but idk. and yes mom I can understand spanish enough to poke the right button haha jk i dont. i will try again

ok so my life. we had interviews with the president this week and it was pretty not as cool as the last one but it was kind of understandable. the mission has dive bombed. we went from 400 baptisms to 130 i think this month. he was pretty discouraged. i just want to help him in anyway. and yeah we talked a little bit about a letter that elder tolosa got about a talk an apostle giving a testimony in a ward this month about how a terrible thing is going to happen and its going to be rough so yeah honestly it scared me. find the talk, and yeah be smart about money haha like i dont need four packages before christmas. but yeah anyways we only had a couple of days to work this week because we went to the temple for two days to help out. first day i help park cars and the second i introduced the prevideo to the temple for visitars. totally cool. i have a lot of pictures but i forgot my camera so next week. the temple is beautiful! so amazing and i got to go inside once and they ahve an entire wall of the painting of christ coming to the americas. like twenty yards long and ten feet high. so cool. not tryingto be a neener neener but yeah it was sweet. i recomend it to anyone that happens to be in mexico. also got to see alot of guys from my generation. saw elder memmott haha the first thing he says to me is, you been loosing weight? haha you look real thin in the face! haha in his country accent. love him. and really i probably have because i was sick with something this week and i didnt eat much. but now i am better and later i ate a 30 ounce steak to put it all back haha some of elder tolosas old converts took us out. but yeah i had some good laughs with him and his spanish is bomb, like im alright like i can understand pretty well and explain myself but he was bomb.

so two funny stories, well one and the other is just funny to me. first we were at a members house eating and we were talking about eye color. kind of boring with mexicans because they all have brown eyes but with me they were enchanced haha the hermana told me that my eyes were the color of miel... honey haha i thought, wow.. thats is enchanting haha then i explained that we dont use honey as a word to describe eyes in the US but i am going to start it. the second is that we were with the zone leaders for interviews for their converts and we were talking about our first names because everyone wants to know, so i say mine and they dont understand and move on and it just so happened that elder brown, the new zone leader, is Taylor Brown. and since the only other taylre that elder tolosa knows is my tay, he just busted of laughing, pointing at elder brown and me, almost falling out of his seat. haha we had to explain it to him haha

ok i got to run but i love you all and pray for you often. i want to share a quick thought. in spanish the phrase, what im going to do, ¿que voy a hacer? and what i am going to be, ¿que voy a ser? sound exactly the same when pronounced... just a thought about our actions.

k i love you all and you are my testimony and strength every day. to the moon and back

con amor,
Elder W Gene Christensen

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