Thursday, October 16, 2008

viviendo la sueno.. Sent: Monday, October 13, 2008 8:37 PM

hey guys
so yeah it was another crazy monday, i want to send off a thing of letters, not through the pouch cause it is ridiculously slow, like 5 months, so yeah idk when im going to do that. so tay, t money sterl and nadar, it is all coming. i just dont know when haha. but i appreciate all of your letters and i hope that you are all doing very well

next, coop, my main man!!! the big 14 now, eso!! haha thats so terrrific man, im really pumped that you had such a cool birthday. i have had the pleasure to view a touch and idk, its a lot of money, but it can also be a great tool. just take care of it so i can steal it when i get home. but yeah your growing up man, its been a bummer not being able to be there for your last two birthdays but i want to let you know that i love you and think about you all the time. work on your patience and ability to talk with others, like mom and dad. that is what my president has me working on right now, patience, so if you can master it like i know you can, youre going to be a bomb missionary. which reminds me, yeah we need some help haha so if you guys want to fast as a family that would be awesome. we are working on a mom that needs a desire to be baptized. hermana gonzalez, i love her but she just doesnt see the importance. any help would be awesome

k my week really fast, this is ridiculous having to right this late and this little haha i know you will all understand hopefullly
so yeah i did have time to organize my thoughts so here it goes
wednesday we were in a lesson with a family and the hermano looks over and says, how are you feeling to me and i was like uh a little weird but nothing really and he pointed to his eye and i went to look in the mirror and my left eye had swollen, or the skin around it, till it was like four times the size of the other one haha i had a good laugh about it and took pictures which i will share later but yeah i just slapped an alovera leaf on it and the next morning it was great. i couldnt tell you what really happen haha apparently alo vera heals infects too, didnt know that

we are still with elder arnett. we have him again for this week because mexico has really closed the border to the US.

but yeah no new investigators and we had a baptism planned for this sunday but it fell through because we had interviews with the president which leads into my last story before i have to run

saturday we get told that we have interviews with the president, and not regular ones, with the president the next day. so we go to the offices and elder arnett talked first for an hour and comes out grinning praising the presidents name. he is going to be the same. elder tolosa next and an hour later comes out and i pick my back pack up to go and the president calls me over to his office. i was surprised cause they had told me that i wasnt going to talk with the president but yeah i go in and he is just like, how are you doing friend? and i am like, im doing pretty good president. and yeah we just had an awesome discussion about everything. the president was like are you a prefectionist? and yeah i expect alot of myself and hence others. and he was jsut like, when you came in the door i just saw a younger me and yeah you remind me alot of myself. obviously i had to brush my shoulder haha jk but yeah he just gave me a lot of advice, how i need to be able to control that... idk characteristic sometimes with others, because we all start from different points. and yeah he is just so cool and he was just saying all this stuff about me that he didnt know and was just like i feel that you have something to give elder tolosa, i wanted to change you two after that night but i feel that you need to give him something. and i had felt the same way and yeah haha it was an awesome experience. i truely love him and know that he is called of god. he ended with a elder, i know the language is difficult and if you are like me which you are, it is going to take a little bit longer, but i need to grow up quick. and he gave me a blessing and shook my hand.
one of the greatest men i know...
so yeah other news haha i ate cactus.. not as fun as it sounds haha it was ok, just kind of slimy. and yeah..... i cant think of anything else. danielle im sorry, its rough sometimes but when we are struggling we know that we are trying
i read my patriartical blessing. i cant spell, again and one line totally hit me in the face, speaking about my mission
broaden your shoulders, prepare yourself to be a light and stand to others, and do not fear man.
obviously it says it a lot cooler but that is the jist
dont be afraid to be amazing, president mendoza of south africa, look it up
and tay i wish i could write you something but i got to run. sorry you are wearing sweaters, i wore shorts and a t shirt and i was hot today haha
k i love you all and hope the best for you. thank you for your prayers and love, you are all an example to me. i know our savior lives and that he knows each one of us if we take the time to get to know him. happy birthday jen. to the moon and back.....

con amor
Elder Westley Gene Christensen

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