Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Westley! Sent: Tuesday October 7, 8:15am

hola familia
k yeah so i know that it is tuesday and i was supposed to write yesterday
but yeah yesterday was lame haha transfers and nonsense all day long and
than i didn´t have time to write back to any of your emails. i´m pretty
sure i´m not breaking any rules by writing because it wasn´t my choice not
to write and it´s a requirement that i write my family every week so here i
am haha no i´m here not only because it is a requirement haha love you
guys. sorry about the stress to everyone that was concerned, mom. but yeah
i´m just going to go ahead and talk about my week real fast and yeah great
we can start with yesterday because it was the most interesting. cambios,
or transfers, came in on sunday night and they were my first. i´can´t
believe that i have been in mexico for 6 weeks, i still feel like i don´t
know anything. that is because i don´t haha but yeah so elder tolosa and i
are still together and he is still the district leader. but two of the
five americans from my zone went home this week. elder doyle, who i
liked and was my zone leader and elder hewirzon or something haha i didn´t
know him very well but they were good. they were really excited to go home
though, like elder doyle just got in the car and wanted to leave without
saying bye or pictures and it just made me wonder how i´m going to feel
when i´m done, whether the president is going to have to box me up to get
me out of here or i´ll be like them. i´m hoping the first but as of right
now that´s not really it. but i expect that to change. other cambios,
elder arnett the other american in my district, his companion the one that
i went to the df with and is yeah.. needs to go home, got transfered but
elder arnett stayed and is going to be a dad!! to an american!! very
exciting because i won´t be the baby anymore haha but yeah they are having
visa problems still so it could be a week before he comes. thus elder
arnett is pulling a kind of threesome with us during the morning and
evening but on splits with members during the day. i´m just hoping that i
know more spanish than the new kid haha that could be another humbling
experience haha but elder arnett will be good, he is kind of like uncle
aaron football type doesn´t put up with crap. oh yeah new zone leader,
amercian , elder brown, i like him but it is his first time as zl so we
will have to see how he does. we also have hermanas again... but they are
not in my district haha i didn´t mean anything by that at all. yesterday
we just had to carry their beds from the zl house to their new house on our
backs to two miles. good memories. i enjoyed it.
our investigadores, i can´t spell in english haha but yeah found ivonne,
the single mom, and yeah doesn´t want anything to do with us. i think her
ex had something to do with it but whatever. elder tolosa didn´t seem to
mind much and my zone for the most part didn´t seem to mind that we were
the lowest baptizing zone in the mission. yeah... idk it´s way frustrating,
but í´m going to make the best of the next six weeks because i´m not going
to have a mediocar, i dont know how to spell, mission. idk, elder tolosa
and i have to have a heart to heart here pretty soon. other investigadores,
wendy, from the familia mota has become the most interested in our message
so yeah we are hoping to have a baptism this week with her and her
daughter, the rest of the family... yeah we need to work harder. haha sigh
haha familia gonzalez, idk what´s happening, we have taught all the lessons
and they love us but the mom is this like, why is this important to me? so
yeah, but i felt a couple impressions last night to bear my testimory to
her that this is the greatest gift that we have to offer. we will see how
it goes. and yeah we have a couple new families but nothing really serious.
i tracted for 6 hours every day last week, knocked soo many doors with so
many nos, but yeah i liked it haha
so yeah two funny stories really fast, once during one of my 6 hour
tracting i was talking to this lady and i felt something touch my head so i
thought it was a butterfly or whatever, its mexico haha and so i brushed it
off. and i´m still talking and it touches my head again and so i brush it
off again and thus as the conversation is coming to an end the thing full
on grabs my head and i freak out! i´m all waving my arms and my backpack is
going everywhere and im making weird sounds and i look up to see a branch
perfectly placed to my height rocking back and forth. needless to say the
lady left the crazy american alone...haha
second, we were coming back from a lunch appointment and i was eating an
apple and was at the core . we happened to be in a park at the time with
basketball hoops and so i tell elder tolosa to watch and of course i make
it from the courner like kobe and i keep walking trying to be humble about
it. however... there was a lady cop that happened to be sitting in her
truck doing nothing and felt the need to tell me to go pick up my trash
from the pile of trash that it eventually landed in and dispose of it
properly. that apple core could have fed a starving dog. haha elder tolosa
had a good laugh about it.
so yeah little side note, we got a cell phone from the president because he
gave them to all the district leaders. elder tolosa is like a little kid
with a game boy, haha sometimes i want to step on it. but yeah if you ever
want to hit us up with a text the number is... no se crea! haha i´m still
fighting the good fight.
general conference
amazing haha i don´t know if it was just because i am on a mission or in
mexico or something but the parts that i heard were amazing. i saw parts
for two reasons. first it was in spanish for the saturday session. oh
yeah totally watched the saturday sessions for the first time in my life,
they are actually really good too haha should have watched those more when
i was younger... but yeah we eventually got a tv for the americans to watch
it english and that´s when i was like wow this is amazing. in spansih i
could understand the jist of what they were saying and with one translator
that i loved, understood all, but it just didn´t have the say effect. it´s
like the translators eat the mike and try to talk haha but it was great.
sunday the tv was taken to be used in another classroom for everyone that
came. i mean people were sitting in the hall, floor, anywhere you could
fit a person in the stake center. and thirty minutes into it, the power
went out... it happens here randomly, like the water haha but yeah i didn´t
watch any except the first and last thirty minutes on sunday. going to have
to wait for the ensign. but yeah the parts i liked, yes talyre the
childerns choir, i was just wondering if the passed out juice or something
to keep them awake haha and yeah i gues dad and coop with have to explain
and a young gentleman from byu but the first presidency in the priesthood
session. i can´t describe it. it felt like ever talk was directed at me
and freaking rocked. the submarine, i command you to turn around! bein
chito. and president monson, the three things we need to do, do what you
need to do, be what you need to be and yeah great stuff, i´m looking
forward to studying more when the ensign comes.

and mom i am on the look out for a package, we have a zone conferecnce
manana so maybe.. haha no but sometime soon hopefully.
k i got to run but i love you all and that reminds me, danielle, sometimes
we need to change a little bit of our imperfections before we can hope for
more from others. have patience with crazy people. i mean look at me haha
i meant my companion. i can always do better.
and jen and coop, sorry about the stress but you´re both amazing, keep it
up. i´m thinking of a jersey for coop and idk for jenny. so coop, look up
on ps2 the mexicna soccer clubs and see which one you like. and jenny,
anything haha and the jerseys are around 500 pesos.. yeah so mom and dad
k really i got to go but i love you all so much with all of my heart and i
pray for you ofter. you are my foundation.
to the moon and back...

con amor
Elder Westley Gene Christensen

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