Monday, September 29, 2008

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hola famlia
well can´t lie, i loved getting letters from everyone this week, it was just one of those weeks haha but yeah sounds like cooper is doing great in soccer, always proud of that as long as he isn´t haha jk but bien hecho hermano keep up the hard work. Jenny, sounds like everything is going well for you and britton and thank you for the encouragement. before i forget, what do you two want for your birthdays. cause i´m hoping to send a package home like next cambio, transfer, or at least before christmas, which reminds me that i still need to get dad something, and no don´t argue, just let it happen and help me out with some suggestions haha you can even help pay for them if you want haha jk but yeah we will see what happens when i start collecting things. and danielle, sounds like you are rocking school which is good to hear. i´m holding back calling nmsu a high school haha jk its wonderful and just keep up the hard work. glad to hear you are making friends with your roomates, and yeah, never be afraid to go home to mom and dad, they are pretty good too.
so ill just mention these two things write now. first we had a meeting with the president on tuesday that i´ll talk about more later but he told us a couple of things. first that we are allowed to go to some tourist cites once in our mission. they are as follows teotihuacan, zocalo, y parque chapultepec. so yeah if you could just look those up for me and give some suggestions about which ones i should see and when that would be cool haha second the whole meeting was about leadership and obidience and yeah it ends up that i can only write my family emails. thanks guys
life in the mission haha
last monday the elders had a soccer game with a bunch of little mexican kids and you can guess it we won 9-10 haha it was a hard faught match but in the end, the righteous prevailed haha k sorry that was dumb
so right this last martes we had a special leadership meeting with the president for all current and future leaders, haha no not for me, my companion is district leader but yeah i went and sat in and all that good stuff but it was pretty over my head in spanish. like i´m learning more and more every day and i understand what people are saying for the most part but speaking and when they talk fast are still problems haha anyways i was trying to understand. it was way intense but completely awesome. all of the older missionaries are having trouble with the transition of presidents but i think now they know this president is for serious. i have a lot of respect for him. i also got to see elder heap for the first time since we split but it was a hand shake and a see you later cause he was going from a meeting as i was coming but hopefully i will get to see him again soon.
so this week in the work. we have no new investigadores, we found a lot of ex members that dont like us much but yeah it was pretty frustrating and it came out with elder tolosa and i getting into a lot of arguements. idk we can both do better.
ivonne, our single mom, is officially hiding from us. not helping the fustration haha but yeah she saw us the other day up the street and got in a taxi and drove the other way. so yeah idk what we aregoing to do with that. the family gonzalez the ones i love are on pause because the mom is having doubts about why the restored gospel is important so they are on pause. they are getting a lot of pressure too from their families, very catholic, it is frustrating haha but idk what to do, im thinking back to the basics, prayer and fasting. and thanks tay for your contribution, youre great.
pues nothing really happened the later end of the week, it was just cold haha i didnt see the sun for three days haha but today was flaming hot so yeah its all over the place. but yeah saturday, that was an adventure. we had a baptism planned in our chapel for that night and we showed up in morning to see the font had not drained from the last baptism i had performed the last week haha cause in mexico its too hard to just have gravity grain it for you, no you need a pump to suck it all out. yeah wasnt working this week haha so with four red buckets, and a solid hour and a half of sweat and effort we we able to pour all the water from the font to a toilet haha i enjoyed it. that is why im here, to work. whatever type it may be haha so yeah we had another baptism this week, another hijo of a previous inactive member that we brought back. alberto federico alva mora, and i did it again! but this time we get in the font and the doors to the font are closed and than the crazy kid goes, i don´t want to do this right anymore, he is nine haha i was like what? but we worked it out with another elder and we did the ordinance and i had to do it twice because his feet shot up haha but it was good and that we went to kfc after to celebrate! haha not my favorite but i ate it. domingo, another adventure. had to wake up at 430 to start the font for a baptism at 8 for my favorite family every, the family soto, love them. we had their two kids scheduled for that morning. but yeah we had to leave at 430 on a 30 minute walk to the chapel cause taxis are not same at that hour and i didn´t have my sweater cause an elder stole it from me haha so i had an old mexican blanket around my top and my bronco plad sweats on the bottom haha great times. but yeah their baptisms were amazing. the dad did it and i was standing in the restroom on the sideline coaching haha it was great. jorge and mirian, love them. so yeah i didnt think that i had to do anything cause of the dad doing the ordinance and elder tolosa conducting and then the mom asks me to bear my testimony... simple but sweet. just my style haha im not going to say i cried cause i didnt but.. yeah love that family.
just to clarify for everyone, 15th de septimbre is the day of independce, cinco de mayo is not a national holiday haha i was shocked as well.
k i love you all and pray for you often. thanks for everything and i´ll be looking for the package soon i think. love you all!! to the moon and back...

con amor
Elder Christensen

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