Monday, September 15, 2008

The First Mexico Letter Sent: Monday, September 15, 2008 5:00 PM

I am having the worst possible luck with computers, i was about to send this ridiculously long one with everything that i wanted to say and than the power went off.. I hate myself but here is my second try, so sorry
last week I had to go to the actual Mexico city to finish my visa papers and yeah we got back and elder tolosa was being dumb and we had no time to send anything so that's what happened
i love your letters and I'm glad that everyone is doing well and i wrote you all something but yeah frustrating haha
I'm going to abbreviate everything that i said before really fast cause I'm running out of time again, so we have some pretty awesome investigators. one single mom loves us and had a really rough life before she met us and it was all because of her ex husband and yeah really bad stuff, the gospel does truly find the meek and humble but yeah she knows that our message is true but the only hurdle that we have faced is the law of chasity.. yeah kind of ironic because it is with her terrible ex husband so yeah that is kind of a downer but just like in track you have to kick down and keep going, it doesn't have to be pretty but it just has to work. she is set to be baptized this Saturday with another family, gonzalez, family of four and wonderful, the dad let us in and cried the first time that we sang and prayed for his family, they have the most awesome little boys but yeah i love them. and the last ones are an inactive family where the dad wants to baptize the kids but wasn't worthy so we are working with them to make it happen. the family soto, i can not express how much I love everything about them!! ahah but really their little boy, so tight, i taught him how to pound it with the knuckles and explode, we are close haha and i totally cried twice in one lesson. elder tolosa refused to teach the lesson, which he does when he wants me to practice my Spanish but yeah i taught about testimonies and than we practiced bearing them because the next Sunday was fast Sunday, i totally cried when the mother, who knows the gospel is true but quiet about it i guess, bore her sweet and simple testimony. I don't cry!! haha ok well i do but not for other peoples testimonies haha but i cried again when Jorge the little boy blessed the food cause he totally messed it all up but I felt the love and the effort so much, he was all embarrassed but I gave him a knuckle and it was all good again, I love them!!!
the food is OK, haha im probably not going to miss it as of right now, there have been some plates that i have enjoyed but really it is all kind of bland, and hot haha but i like it enough, I have tried everything that has been placed in from of me and the only really crazy thing so far has been cow nerves in vinager.... yeah gross and i had to have seconds ahah but it was worth the experience?... no haha my apartment is pretty sweet, i enjoy it except when elder tolosa sets off fireworks haha i try to tell him to stop. Mexican independence day today, supposed to be two days of noise and alcohol haha cant wait. but yeah my mission is one of the highest baptizing missions in the world and probably one of the most disobedient.... it is frustrating but i will be the missionary mom thinks that I am =)
K i got to jet but I love you all and you are all very wonderful. i live in coacalco or heroes coacalco, mexico. the packages, just send ups to my mission home or a members home but I haven't worked that out. we don't have maids, only members that clean our clothes.
k really i love you all and sorry about the letter again, i will get better at it
love love love

elder christensen

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