Monday, September 22, 2008

One baptism done, hundreds to go Sent: Monday, September 22, 2008 5:11 PM

hola everyone
well Im a little short on time right now so i cant write a whole lot to your emails but i did get them and they are all wonderful, sounds like everyone and everyteam is rocking which is always good news. so im going to just start with the beginning of the week and go from there and possibly answer some questions on the way.
so yeah we had the biggest national holiday in mexico. biggest disappointment ever haha i mean there was noise all night but it wasnt anything that i was expecting. it didnt help that it was raining... again... i could totally live in portland after this haha its ridiculous but yeah so mention on the disobient side, we were suppposed to be in our apartment by 6.
we had surprise interviews with the president on tuesday, mine consided of, yeah this mission is in the hole with dissobientience and that the new americans that havent been affected yet are the ones that need to make the change, so yeah it was kind of a heavy discussion but i like my president very much, and really he was just asking me to be strong. most of the elders dont like him however which is the problem. also tuesday i had pig skin stew.. yeah way gross. felt like eating straight chewy fat but elder tolosa gave me the eye so i ate the whole thing. not going to miss that
we totally have a new awesome family, the motas, five girls, a grandmother three daughters and a granddaughter. they love us and ask loads of questions that are rreally good and we had them pray about our message right there and susan the oldest daughter stopped the the prayer and struggled to the end and with tears told us that she felt the love of her heavenly father. its those moments that make it all worth it. only problem is they smoke like chimneys... yeah we are working on it.
went to the df with all my buddies from the mtc to finish our visas, love seeing them and hearing their experiences, i have seen everyone except elder heap. he is out there, but yeah it was great to see them and i saw elder ashcraft again... haha yeah so he had a huge scab on his head from getting hit in the head by a firework on the 15th.. he told people he ran into a pole but elder memmott told me the truth. to say i enjoyed it is to put it lightly haha good times. that morning i did lunges too... worst decision ever, totally almost died, couldnt walk for days after haha everything hurt. im going to wait for the next attempt
viernes sabado
i had my firt baptism! i performed it and did it perfect the first time. we had eight planned for this week and yeah people felt pressure from family or didnt show, very discouraging, i was ready to call quits cause i was so frustrated cause i know it has to do with our my companions disobiendience. idk, i can always do better too
well yeah appartently every third sunday the missionaries speak for the duration of sacrament, which has a lot to hyms, but noone to play the piano. so yeah i talked about prayer for 20 minutes in spanish with a lot of stuttering and blank looks but elder tolosa said that everything made sense so i felt better. it was intense though haha also am learning how to play the piano again, because we have two hours of church meeting that we dont have anything so i went and played closer my god to thee for an hour. i dont want to brag but its pretty awesome. haha no but with practice.
ok packages are a no go, i dont have an address yet and the one you have is wrong so yeah tomorrow maybe ill talk to someone. money is simple, the first day they gave us a debit card and we get about 900 pesos for the month, which i learned a little late so now i have 50 for the rest of the month haha totally doable, im not worried.
alright im off to a meeting but i love all of you and im glad you are all doing great things, dad great job on the raise and cooper, goals are great, but making others better is what makes a great team. i know you know that and i trust you are doing your best. you are all amazing and wonderful and i am working hard to be the missionary you and our heavenly father want me to be.

con amor
elder christensen

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