Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Yeah I´m Totally Here Sent: Monday, September 01, 2008 4:43 PM

hola familia,
pues where to begin haha it´s good to hear that everyone is doing well. and i´m glad to hear that my sisters are all moved in and doing great with their new apartmenets. no email from cooper.... cimmon... haha proximo vez. entonces uh yeah i´m totally in mexico city haha my area is called villa de los flores, and no there and not a lot of flowers everywhere haha my companion is elder tolosa, a native from yucantan mexico. the first night we all got dropped off in our areas, he wasn´t there haha but the zone leaders were and they helped me get to my house and meet elder tolosa. on the way they needed to do a baptismal interview, one of them is from colorado otherwise I would not have known that haha but we went and one interviewed and me the other leader and the sisters who were the missionaries preparing the family sat and talked with the family. The little kid, probably six years old would talk to me and I would get nothing haha I woud just stare and than the zone leader would translate and I would answer in spanish the best I could and then the kid said something about me that everyone laughed at and I looked and the zone leader to learn that the kid thought that I talked like a video game. yeah good thing I don´t have any pride otherwise it would have been hurt. haha but yeah elder tolosa knows more spanish than he leads on, there are only a couple times every hour that we need to wip out the dictionary haha all the members have been told that I don´t speak spanish and so they practice english or say something in spanish really slow that I understand and than I do and I respond perfectly and they are like ¨you know spanish!¨and than rattle something off and I go back to the blank stare haha but yeah it has been great so far, today is my p-day, obviously, and what i didn´t know was that we spend it as a zone so we met up with them and had three hours of instruction which again, didn´t understand, and than we traveled thirty minutes on a bus haha buses anyways to another zone´s area to play basketball and soccer, it was very fun and I got to see elder memmot from my old zone. and elder ashcraft.... but i like him better now that I don´t have him as a companion haha suprising fact for the day. about thirty percent of mexicans actually play soccer, let´s just say I would be an allstar. my companion doesn´t play haha but it´s fun. I have to go tracking now so sorry I couldn´t write more. I love you all and will write more next week. Do great things.Con amor Elder ¨chístansan¨

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