Monday, October 20, 2008

viva mexico Sent: Monday, October 20, 2008 2:21 PM

hey howdy hi guys and gals
how is everyone doing? that is kind of a rhetorical question because i know cause everyone wrote me haha congrats to all for this wonderful achievement. it was wonderful to see how everyone is rocking it and dominating what they are doing. first and formost, jenny.. feliz cumplianos!!! yeahhh haha that is awesome that you got a washing machine! i am totally jealous cause i dont have one... haha but yeah happy birtday sis, hope it was great and yeah im still working on a gift idea so any help would be great.
but yeah cooper great stuff with the ipod, 160 bucks could keep me alive here for two months, just remember that haha and danielle, sometimes if not all the time we are the teacher so that we can learn.

what the heck happened byu!!!?? somebody was not praying hard enough. whatever, already over it haha and go broncos! sorry britton. and mom before i forget, your package is here but the problem is that the company that holds them doesnt just turn teh packages to the offices anymore and every missionary has to go sign for it personally. i was supposed to go today but they didnt call me. and yes i got the dear edler from tay and from sterl last week. love that kid sterl. how is he doing? every day im inthe mission i think how awesome sterl would be at this or that. much better than me haha but yeah i am going to send a package home soonish. i went to the dhl store because it does US and gauranteed not to be stolen haha and for one kilo.... 850 pesos to los alamos.... but hey elder arnett got his companion, elder tapp, i like him. from idaho falls, and i feel so cool when he asks me what a phrase means or a word and i know it! haha just a little pat on the back, but the real point of the story is this, they are working with an inactive member that is one of the mayor heads of mexico dhl and he gave them a password or something to get the packages across cheap. so yeah i need to talk to them. I am making a commitment right now to send a package with letters and coopers and jennys presents by the end of the this month.

which brings me to my next point, the debit card from home doesnt work... haha i tried it and it said no and i tried again and it said incorrect number so idk what to do. i used the number mom gave me. so yeah mom if you could work onthat that would be great cause i need money for coopers jersey and the package... no rush or anything haha but really thanks mom.

ok my week.... well the beginning was with elder arnett and yeah it was interesting knocking and teaching as a threesome haha elder arnett is kind of loud and fun and very likable, so likable that all of our investigadores were sad when he did come after he got his companion and just looked at us like... where is the other one? haha but hey what can you do. speaking of our investigadores, the family gonzalez put their date as the 5th of december so yeah totally crushing seeing as we were hoping for next week. wendy, our most favorite and best moved!! and we dont have her cell to track her down haha very very frustrating but we are going to go to her street and knock every door until we find news. and yeah no baptisms, no new investigadores, it is hard right now. but yeah we have interviews tomorrow with the presidente so that should get me fired back up haha we went go karting today. the zone leaders crashed into the tire wall and totally destroyed it haha sorry random but yeah i had to speak in church again yesterday. 25 minutes on la obra misional. probably the best talk i have ever written but yeah not the best presented ever haha i felt comfortable speaking and when i didnt know a word i would just turn around and ask the bishop. so yeah it was pretty cool.

so yeah i am going to go ahead and slowly being to wrap this up. I dont ahve many exciting stories this week. almost got eaten by a huge dog but that was about it. next week. hold it!! totally almost forgot! i married a preson this week haha or at least i was there and they were an investigadora and i payed for it! (800 pesos.. ridiculous) haha but yeah it was very, hold hands, this is what a marraige means and yeah sign here. haha regardless it was still very cool and i just hope mine is more exciting haha jk
it has rained for two days straight, bring on the sun. dont need portland right now. and yes mom another sweater would be wonderful!!! like just one to be in the house or even anther for the work. everything else is holding up pretty well.

alright guys im heading out. I love you all and hope to hear from you all again. do great and know that i and our loving Heavenly Father care and think about you often. i GET TO HELP WITH THE TEMPLE THIS WEEK!!! kind of excited haha ill tell you how it goes
to the moon and back...

con amor
Elder Westley G. Christensen
p.s. sometimes camping is fun?.... haha

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