Monday, December 8, 2008

No broma, soy Elder Christensen Sent: Mon, 8 Dec 2008 17:00:10 +0000

hey fam/others that read this letter>
como estan? espero muy bien. estoy ayunando de ingles hasta la navidad. Va matarme haha pero me prometi que yo puede escribir en ingles para que ustedes que no hablen español puedan entender. y porque yo no quiero escribir en español por tode de esta carta haha

how is everyone doing? if you didnt understand, its alright, i probably screwed up somewhere in there typing haha just ask britton or your nearest rm. anyways, i hope everyone is doing great cause i am. seriously, i was struggling this week but the weekend totally turned it around. also helps that the weather is like los alamos in july haha its wonderful to walk down the street in a short sleeve shirt at night.

anyways on to more important things. sounds like thanksgiving was everything that you had hoped for and more. way fun. glad that everyone had a good time and that no one got in any fights haha i know you all missed me but hey, next time just bring rockie and it will feel like i was never gone haha a yukon? haha i was ok with buying a car but i thought it was going to be something a little smaller, but if it is large because it needs to pull a boat, i approve haha jk but dad congrats on doing a great job with the suburb, and sorry about work, i understand if you were busy. i was just laughing when i got your letter cause i asked elder slade how many elders get a letter like that from their dad haha but yeah good luck. uh que más? thanks for the letter mom, i hope grandpa is doing better. i am trying to remember everything and its hard cause i left my lists of things to reply to at home so sorry. but yeah the picture of coop doing a bike, i wrote underneath, algo es possible, haha much love bro.

sounds like sterl did a great job with his talk, and is totally ready to dominate the ozzies. good luck man, you wil be great, just be patient and know that when you put on that tag, you are not you for two years, you are something much better. hopefully that didnt come off wrong haha and yes mom i read your read frist letter, and yes i can have something for next week.

oh yeah christmas call haha so i am going to be at my mission leaders house that morning and elder slade told me that he is jsut going to call and hang up when his familys caller id gets the number and than his family can call back and they will pay haha but i have a phone card left and i think i will use that with jenny. where is she going to be? and yeah i get 40 mintues so it will be good.

alright my week real fast
so tuesday were interviews with the president and they were alright. i talked to president and pretty normal nothing special, idk, he always looks at me at the end and just smiles, its like he is reading my mind haha but the funny part was afterwards when i was talking with Hermana Nancollas, his wife, she said, gracias elder, when i was leaving and my mind froze and i was just like... to you haha in spanish you would say, a usted, in that situation and yeah my mind died haha it was really funny but you just have to know that the amercans here just speak differently. we say phrases in spanish in english and they dont make sense to anyone else except for people in the mission haha its great not being able to speak either language. saturday was a baptism for some elders in our district and they baptized a 90 year old woman. elder tapp was already scared of killing her and than the first attempt she took a breath under water. it was terrible, but the third try he just grabbed her face, plugged her nose and closed her mouth and put her under haha it was the most exciting baptism ever. we had six edlers there all ready to perform a miracle or cpr depending on what went down. no i shouldnt joke like that but it was a good baptism. and than sunday the bishops son was back from the states and he had been at byu the week before haha almost killed me but it was cool to talk about provo with him. i also bore my testimony in church that i love the members and that i still cant speak spanish very well but i am here to help them in any way. later in the hall, hermano macias, one of my favorite brothers, pulled me aside and was like, elder you cant speak spanish very well. i was like oh thanks hermano but than he continued, but your progression as a representative of Christ has grown enormously. yeah it made me feel pretty good inside. but yeah i want everyone to make a goal of bearing their testimonies every fast sunday this next year, its only 12 a year, and yeah best way to see a testimony grow is let it outside every once in a while haha ok yeah that was pretty much my week, nothing too crazy

alright guys and gals, this elder is going to go play some sports and whatnot cause i just realized yesterday, that it has been 8 months since my surgery, crazy, and my leg feels pretty good. so yeah i love you all with all my heart and i wish i was a better writer to express all the things that i want to say but im not so les amo muchisisismo. esten bien hasta proximo lunes. remember to do service this month and remember why we celebrate it. you are all great and i miss you very much but i wouldnt be anywhere else than here. Do work son! to the moon and back...
con amor
Elder W. Christensen
PS there are four christensens in the mission now so the president calls me W haha good times

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