Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Tu eres de Mexico? Sent: Monday, December 15, 2008 4:48 PM

Hola familia!!!!
Bueno pimero, les amo muchisismo haha si, yo deje inglés de lunes pero para que ustedes puedan entender, voy a escribir en inglés. Y solo por eso... haha jk how are you guys doing!!? I imagine that everyone is back home and doing awesome and that everyone is done with school except for coop?.. sorry bro, hang in there. But hey Jen!! congrats sis that is so cool. I would try to imagine what that must feel like but seeing as it is like seven years in the future, i will just have you tell me haha but that is way cool, i hope you celebrated and everything. You are grown up now jen, how old haha jk much love, i can say that because i am on a mission and that means im going to be turing 20 in april, four months away.. no manches... haha uh crazy. but yeah everyone feeling the holiday spirit yet or did the computer brake and there is not christmas music going 24/7 in the house? haha jk mom but i must admit i do enjoy the christmas music here when i hear it. there are not a lot of mexican christmas songs so they play the good old classics haha and i forgot to tell you mom, the person that we are going to have christmas with put up a ridiculous amount of decorations, just so i can feel at home haha how are those coming by the way? well im sure. at lights only on the first story? coop... haha jk
ok yeah the third box came from tucson this week. had the photo album of thanksgiving. and no im not peeking.. much haha the sweater was already checked and the wrapping was gone. i have been good haha elder slade is already done with his stocking haha
that is too bad to hear about dan. I would lie and say that they dont like americans here either but im sure its nothing like there. im going to have to write him a letter soon. i have written everybody else haha by the way hoping to send my package home tomorrow... yeah so we will see about that and hopefully you will distribute the things to their respective people. i wrote letters for grandma and grandpa on both sides. just get excited coop, im getting your present tonight from a member haha im jealous.
oh yes cannot forget to congratulate britton as well. well done my brother. and i encourage meat in the freezer, if it lasts two years haha and y gracias por su carta tambien, fue muy bien. solo tuve problemas con un ante pero yo pude imaginar lo que fue haha
ok momyou wanted a testimony or something like that. I really dont have many christmas stories yet, does help that it feels like july either but i can talk about my favorite convert so far.
So this kid, Issac, and i say kid but he is older than me, was one of my fist baptisms. The first time we met him was in the church where he had brought himself after a friend had told him where it was. We introduced ourselves and he told us that he would like to take lessons. We told him that we could help him with that. After our first lesson we discovered that he worked full time and was going to school as well. The fact that he had gotten special permission to come that sunday was a miracle in itself. He told us that he couldnt come on sundays because he worked every sunday morning from 8 to 2. We thought about it and asked him to pray to his heavenly father and ask for help. The next day, he told that he did what we asked and talked to his boss. HIs boss had given him two hours for every sunday to come, 9 to 11. We were so pumped for his faith and desire. The next week he came with the first frown i had ever seen him wear. He told us that his grandfather had spoken to him and that if he joined the church, his grandfater would disown him. Seeing as issac didnt have a father, it was a pretty large hurdle to put it lightly. We cried together that night. We asked him to pray again to his Heavenly Father for help. the next Sunday he showed up with a smile again. We asked what happened and he told us that nothing happened, but some how he felt that the Lord was going to take care of it. We were happy then, but when he told us that he wanted to get baptized, we said, we can help you with that haha
the lord doesn't give us challenges to watch us fail, but rather to watch us sore.
Good timber does not grow with ease, the stronger the wind, the stronger the trees, the further the sky, the greater the length, the more the storm the more the strength. By sun and cold, by rain and snow, in trees and men, good timber grows.
Douglas Malloch Good Timber
ok i got to run but i love you all.
I love you all and obviously the closer the 25th comes the more i feel for you all but hey, i wouldnt be anywhere else. Loving every second of it.
to the moon and back..
con amor
Elder W. Christensen

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