Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Hey guys,

You may not recognize me but, I'm Elder Christensen, 21 year old version. It's kind of advanced but just try to keep up. I'm so old!!! man... I feel like the golden years are all behind me and I just have retirement left. Thanks everyone for saying "Happy Birthdays". YOU guys are great!! Really, you put up with me for 21 years, not alot of people could have done that haha but yeah it was cool, we had a cake and the sister missonaries gave me a card. They are funny sometimes. But yeah, hope all of you guys are doing great and loving life. Sorry you have to go back to school and work and stuff, but i didn't get a break either haha hope everyone also listened closely to conference cause it was pretty much the best. I got the importance of the family and that they are worried about the youth. I am too. Youngsters these days haha but yeah.

Dad, I love you man, you don't worry about a thing, any letter is a good letter, keep working hard.
Mom, thanks for helping with the classes and stuff. Just as a side note, i would like to have the majority in the morning so i could have an easier work schedule.
Jen, thanks for the love, keep working hard, and finish strong, you are my hero.
Nano, dont get too worried about boys. You can wait still haha estoy retomando mi profecia que dije la otra vez. But yeah be great.
Coop, I will own you in any sport when I get back. Put me on whatever team. I love you man, tell Brad I would love to work with you guys for the summer.

So my week was fun. My other comp went home, my new one, Elder Matson, was way cool. We just kind of got along, except that he goes for the U.... hopefully one day he will repent haha but yeah now he is gone too and Ii will receive Elder Campos. He is cool, he is from the same ward as my trainer so that is a good sign. We need to do better as a zone and he will help me alot with that. Just trying to stay up with Sterl. My week was busy with things to do, interviews and whatnot. We had interviews with Pres. Love that man. You will probably see him soon on that general conference thing and than conference was great. Ii want to be like Elder Holland. For those of you that didn't get to see the priesthood session, just know I have a renewed testimony that I should be here in Mexico.

ok I'm out like a scout. Peace and love to everyone. Be great cause that's who you are.

to the moon and back
Elder Christensen

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