Monday, April 26, 2010

its hot here, and i dont think its just me Sent: Mon 4/26/10 4:41 PM

Hey familia,

How are you guys doing today? BYU kids are done with school, NMSY kids are almost done, high school kids still have forever to go... jk coop. Just remember I don't get any vacations Presidente just started a new thing. The zone, the districto and the companionship with the most baptisms get to go to the temple. So I'll be letting you guys know whenI'ill be going to the temple again but right now our zone is still the best so we will see how may ends.

That's super cool thatLlacey got to go to the temple though!! congrats kids, you are my hero, just remember that it would be super cool if you and Jenny could both have little ones around the same time..... much love.
Nano, dont you worry about down south, you come up to provo and we will kick it. keep working hard. You too coop. Better hurry up and get a job for the summer if you want to drive.
Jen, love you. Sorry I don't answer more of your questions but "no" I still don't normally eat breakfast and usually in the mornings I have to do visits to missionaries houses or other stuff like that. Being zone Leader is basically the same as anyone else, just thatIi have to worry about 8 other companionships.....It's cool having the assistantes here. They are my homies.

Dad love you man. Thanks for being such an example. I have been sick for the last three days and all day i just keep reminding myself of how you knocked doors every day for atleast an hour and that time you were dieing and did it anyways. Yeah got me through Saturday and last but not least.... JAKE CONGRATS DUDE!!! dude that is so sicky. I wanted to pick the new mission that they are opening up here but Peru is cool too. Just as long as its spanish, you cant go wrong haha do work son.

Oh and yes, I can call home any day that would be better for you guys. Just tell me what day and i will give a phone number. Also tell Romney I will allow him to live in my house if he wants haha jk.

OK my week. Heap and I are going to plan an inventory today so we have a plan later about what we are going to do. So we will keep you posted.
We had conference with the Presidente onFfriday. I thought it went well. We had some sweet activities and then Presidente put on a video that the assistants made and its hilarious because they are trying to be serious. But I enjoyed it. Later we had a meeting with the stake presidente. That was impressive. He was talking to all the bishops and was like, after the bishop, your mision leader should be your best member you got. Ii was like, well good thingI aim not going to be ML when i get home haha but it was a sweet meeting.
Speaking of which, why didnt the mormons make it to heaven?... they were stuck in a meeting haha so true!!! keep strong Dad.
Our sweet family fell this week because the kids chose to reject her untill she stopped talking to us. 'Ill just be waiting for them at the judgement bar... but seriously... but the work continues.

OK im our like a scout. My new favorite scripture of the week is D&C 6:33-37. No temaĆ­s rebanito, y haced lo que yo os he mandado. Basically means, do work haha

I know this work is true, i love my mission,

Elder Christensen

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