Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Lets be patient with Westley, I'm a......... haha‏ Sent: Mon 4/19/10 4:46 PM

Hey guys,

Alright, alright, I'm a terrible person, I cant even try to avoid it. I'M SUPER SORRY FOR NOT WRITING. I will admit a got a little too indept about my classes because Heap was with me and we were planning everything together. I AM sorry, but it wont happen again. It's the process of repentance. Recognize I was wrong, confess, and don't do it again. I love you guys sooo much, thanks for all the letter and helping me out with everything.
Mom I have been taking money out of my account because there was a problem with the money system here in the mission and yeah i was short, but now everything is good.
Coop, don't listen to anyone, you are going to keep on growing. I didn't hit my second growth spurt untill the summer before junior year so there... doctors.
Nano, sorry about the rough life. Just remember, the sun with come out tomorrow, bet your bottom dollar on that haha idk kid, just finish strong and do work.
Jen, I imagine you are carrying a larger baby now haha i love you. Don't be hating on the nicknames, unless you provide a better one.
Dad, thanks for helping with everything and with the job. That is kind of lame about the blood test and one week waiting but whatever. Vacations!! Are we going to visit grandpa?
MOM I LOVE YOU FOREVE cause if i put an r at the end, it would be the end of forever haha i read that on a card the other day. just know im working hard and doing work.

So my life. My area got divided. I had two wards and now I only have one. And we gave the area to the assistants along with 4 families in teaching.... as long as the zone baptizesI Iim fine.
Also welcome to TEPALCAPA aka CAMP CHRIS ( my comps name is campos) where the boys become men or at least thats what we say. Actually our zone is the best in the whole mission baptism wise, so i gave myself a little pat on the back but not really, we can do better, but yeah. My comp is working me to death. HE is also finishing soon and we are going down in a flaming glory haha we wake up and run every morning at 6:20am, yeah i know, and then just go crazy all day with contacts and visits and all that good stuff and im tired, really tired when we get back haha but I feel great.
We played soccer today andIi totally owned, just a side note ~ humility.
Last week we had a conference with Pres and basically he starts out, I hope you guys don't leave here feeling good.... I was like, dang. Basically we need to do as Presidente said put on our crap kickers and do work haha ilove him. He reminded me of dad in that moment. But yeah it got me pretty fired up. Also we have a sweet family in teaching. It's a grandma a daughter and a granddaughter. They were crying in the sacrament meeting from the messages about families. It was cool.
I also realized that I am not ready to have kids. The whole crying and fighting thing in church is more than I can handle haha.

Ok fam and fansI'im out. I love you guys and pray for you all the time. I know that God lives and has a plan for all of us. I am going to finish strong, I have no other option. So yeah for these last couple of weeks lets turn UP the home and work and school stuff. Lets do work. I love you guys.

to the moon and back

Elder Christensen

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