Monday, February 16, 2009

Subject: Who wants advice on how to be a father? hahaSent: Monday, February 16, 2009 3:42 PM

Hola family of Americans,

Just wanted to say hi real fast and check that everything is good and say that I am great and I love my companion and that we are dominating. That was all haha, ok yeah I have little time and a lot to write so it's going to come out in blurts.
First grandma, yes I print all my letters to read later so put whatever you want. I thoroughly enjoy every letter from you guys. i dont understand white washing an area and Mexico is not that bad. All the drugs and stuff is in the north, but down south everyone is relaxed and pretty nice. Just wanted to stick up for my country.

ok family
yes mom, i would have to agree with Dad that you and I were both a little nieve about "Raising the bar". Presidente is getting the hang of sending people home, not that he enjoys it but yeah... you know. And let me tell you how much I love my Presidente. If i could talk to him every day, I think I would be an Alma walking down the street. I have no doubt that he is callled of God. I am honored to serve with him.

Dad, I am ok with you quiting basketball after this year if you want. I know you were waiting for my opinion. But sounds like everything is going well and you are taking the parents like you should. Coop! buy some sick kicks(shoes) man, they can look cool too. I would go with murdered out black.
Mom, didnt have Radasovich, (Cooper's HS advisor) cant even really remember what she teaches. and no, cooper is not in high school yet haha when he is in high school, im on the back slope. Family furniture sounds great. Can't wait to take my first nap on them and pillows, that was the problem last time.... just saying haha

Nano! your great! sounds like you are dating up a storm and good luck with the job. Just dont be a flirt, no one likes a flirt haha
Weather here is hot! like burns me hot. I havent seen a cloud for months unless i cross my eyes and pretend that the smog is some clouds haha and thus my allergies are fine, I haven't had a bad day yet.

Jen! loved the every morning waking up and thinking, I'm a missionary, time to get to work. Thanks for that. Congrats on the job! that is so awesome, i think you will totally dominate it! and the they are expecting story had me laughing for a while. I could see mom running towards dad waving her hands like that haha and britton, you know I love you man. Thanks for the shout out.

ok, my week extremely fast....
ok my companero is not named elder morales haha learned that on the hard way when I arrived at the district meeting and a new guy was sitting there but was elder Valdez, so i said hi and didnt pay much attention. Everyone was asking me if he was my comp and I was like no! elder morales not Valdez until we finally asked and he said that Elder Christensen was his companion, yeah im a good father, no worries haha but man this kid is great! I have hardly taught him anything and he is rocking it. He has so much desire to work that i have trouble keeping up haha he is from monterray and speaks really fast... yeah I had troubles the first couple of days but now I am good. we had few appointments this week but always seemed to be doing something. and Sunday was great! everyone came! I was extremely happy and elder Valdez was liike, and what? haha I explained that this doesnt happen very often, so enojoy it! haha jk v dad wasnt anything special, but i did get a kiss on the hand from a drunk friday night and im counting it haha sometimes its fun to be out here.
ok yeah, we went running at 630 in the morning.. we are going for three times this week. I might die, keep you posted. Also, haven't gained more than one kilo out here! Go me!

wednesday was us vs mex in soccer. 2=0 us haha I enjoy reminding everyone. We got some great families that we are working with, just got to keep working. I love the family Aguilar and when they are baptized, oh man.... its going to be a good day.

OK, I got to get on a bus right now to go to quaretaro. I love you all so much, remember who you are and dont let it get you down haha no, be the great thing that happens tomorrow. I have a testimony of this church and hearing my investigatores testify to me about the plan of salvation has done nothing but confirm that feeling. The Church is true. Believe in it.

To the moon and back
con amor
Elder CHristensen

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