Monday, February 23, 2009

Happy Half Year In Mexico Sent: Monday, February 23, 2009 4:09 PM

Hola Family of Gringos

So i saw some pictures of me today of when i was in the mtc, and i was white haha i almost had to look twice to check how white i was haha also my hair was longer. I looked younger haha a whole 8 months younger. Anyways sorrry, that was kind of a random note but now im back on track.

How are we all doing today? I hope that everyone is doing great and that we are all dominating in our respected areas haha School, work, sports, friends, boys, not girls ( still too young coop haha much love). Love getting all of your letters and hearing from all of you. Even better when its like two or three letters haha thanks tay. So yeah, im having the hardest time focusing right now, but im going to try my best to stay focused for half and hour and write this letter
you are welcome.
thanks for informing me about the shoulder dad, sorry i didnt pay more attention before. loved that quote about love, poderoso. Hope things continue to go well with that and with all the youth activities. Mom, congrats on finishing the BofM, i am also trying to finish it in this next month but we will see. Congrats on the business and remember to have patience with cooper. Im sure i was worse haha. I didnt get the pics of the furniture but it sounds like everything i want to nap on and congrats on the newer entertianment set. Nano, have fun in Pheonix, or had fun. Sarah is great. Jen, love you, hope everything is going well and that i can hear some funny stories soon from your side of the town.
Ok the package. I cant think of anything in specific to ask. Just more stamps possible. I think the church system is way better. Thanks for forwarding the dan letter. Hope he is doing well. I need to write everyone but i always seem to be running off to some other place.
Thanks grandma for that letter, it was way cool. Glad to see someone else understands that baptism dont equal success.

The knee is doing good, dad asked. I played soccer today with the zone and yeah, felt good. I had some tumbles and i never once thought twice about it. Almost a year since it happened.... how crazy. thats rough to hear about spence. how did he do?
ok my week very quickly
tuesday my dl came to my area, to help me. Yeah.... I am working out my issues with him haha its just that every leader is so focused on numbers that they forget what it represents. I presented him to my family aguilar, who i love, truely love, and the hermana was like, i dont feel the same spirit with you as i do with them, i dont want to talk to you haha i thought it was funny. I love her! I just love how she testifies about the gospel, so powerful! she went to a funeral for her sister in law and taught her family the plan of salvation. My dl tried to convince her to take her baptism this week and she replied that her husband had doubts and that when she started investigating the chruch that the gospel was about the family and that she was not going to leave her husband behind haha i loved it, but its true... i am working on helping the husband haha if i were to only baptize and seal this family in my mission, i would leave with a smile. I love this family!!! but i know i can do the same with another family, that same joy. and thats why i want these next months.
A couple days ago the Hermana was like, elder i have a surprise, i was like what? she was like, i picked a date for my baptism. i was like great hermana! when? she told me, the fourth of april. I was like, hermana, thats my birthday. She was like I know.... oh man haha i had to fight back just screaming with joy i was so happy to have the chance to know this family. haha she also wants to give you a gift that she is going to make mom.... for letting me come.... i give full permission to cry cause im doing it right now haha niñita haha love this family. I just wish i could feel this love with every investigator.
so that was my favorite family rant. the rest of the week, not as awesome. We were frustrated and trying to get around to every side of the city to get to all of our appointments. which is great that we have those appointments but they are just not progressing like they should and yeah... its just frustrating to put all the effort to only see them take it lightly. idk. also the leaders are all mad at me cause im not, completing with my goals, i supposably, lack the desire to complete them. I have to laugh at it just to avoid getting angry haha but its true, partly, i need to complete my goals more.
Friday we went to tequisquiapan, my branch, say that ten times fast haha and we met some inactives that happen to own and texas road house there in the centro haha yeah eat your heart out sterl haha much love. so yeah they invited us to eat breakfest, lunch and dinner to carry out every day that we are there haha we will see haha working on keeping that weight down. but yeah that was cool.
so que más? oh yeah, sunday everythig went wrong haha, no one came!! we had two in the chapel! it was not good and yeah the members were being dumb and said things that made my investigators think twice about coming next week... sigh yeah haha ok so i understand that not everyone is doing the testimony every week thing but atleast home teaching. So much harder to invite people to come back if they dont have a friend or a support. I can call people out because i was lazy before and i have woken up haha ten mintues, every month, not hard. love you all

ok sorry im not more focused with my love and news but thats just how it has been today. I promise to do better next week. You are all in my prayers and heart. Know that i know this chruch is true. It is not the easy chruch, its the true chruch. Do work son haha
i learned an elder in my generation went home the other day because he couldnt do it anymore. I didnt know him that well but it hit me pretty hard. Be that reason someone sticks it out until they find THE ROCK.

to the moon and back
con amor

Elder Westley Gene Christensen

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