Monday, February 9, 2009

Longest Six Weeks Sent: Monday, February 09, 2009 12:40 PM

Hello family of gringos,
I love you all.

i love you all so much. I had been studying D&C 122 alot this last week and one important part that I love is where it says, fear not for thy friends still stand beside thee. And in a very general way, you guys are my best friends no yeah lame but yeah what can you do?
I would have to say that this last couple of weeks have been the hardest in my life. But that's when we grow the most right? or something. I'm just excited for it to be cambios and see some elders go. So looking forward to my "kid"!!! haha grandma, where is the love? Watch me train haha I pray ever moment for the Lord to prepare me and I'm trying to think back to my training and all the things that I said I would have done different. And when in doubt, going to the scriptures and PMG. Sad days though, he has not arrived yet, he is having lunch with the presidente but his name is Elder Morales and he will get here about 6ish. So pumped!!! Right now im just chillin with Elder Ortiz and trying to convince him to not call the presidente and complain about his next companion, me encanta a veces.

ok onto you guys, first I hope to read some good news about uncle Tyler. I did my fast yesterday and ready to go again when you need me. Coop, dad, good job in the tournament. Third still gets on the medal stand haha no but as long as you are having fun. Always glad to hear that Coop is giving up the rock for some sweet shots. keep in up bro.
To answer some question from before. My shoes are pretty good, holding pretty well. It is my reversable belt that looks like... yeah haha so a belt for my birthday would be great, or just money for it. And also a way for playing music. like an old cd player or an old ipod nano without the screen with church music. Just an idea.
Also I still dont know the story with dads shoulder?! haha please tell me, all i hear is rehab, what happened? and danielle, glad to hear you have been working out and stuff, throwing up some threes haha crazy kid, have fun. jen, love you haha and tell Britton that i now know what it means to not be the most favorite missionary.

ok my week very fast. You know the beginning of the week already so ill just go to wednesday. So we had our interview with for our investigator, which I wasn't all for but whatever, Elder acevedo decided it, so our dl came and didn't do anything, only filled out the paper work and said felizidades! So I was like, oh heck no. i dont care if you choose to screw around with your own mission and do a half effort job, but your not going to do it with mine. So i called the zls and they were like, dang, alright we will handle it. So i felt better for a moment until elder acevedo got totally pissed at me and called my dl to say I was screwing everything up haha so long story short it was a long week with Elder acevedo with him hating me, even though we had the interview and the baptism. But we really did nothing this week. Five lessons, I could do that in one day. and saying good bye today was a pleasure also they called me a bushel of names and whatnots but at the end I just smiled and said have a good one. I was thinking of dad the whole time, i imagine cause i was trying to imitate his patience and love. Always another cheek.

So yeah, we had a baptism and it was pretty good, she was just one of those people that went to church every sunday and knew everything but didn't want to get baptized until for whatever reason we came. Elder Acevedo performed it.
and that was really my week in a nut shell. I just have a large task in front of we of regaining the trust of the members back, finding the investigators, and training. Easy right haha alma 26:12 son, all day.

ok fam and fans I got to run and do some great things. Know that I have only been bruised, but that my testimonie of this church is stronger than ever. I have a dertermination to share this with others. Thank you for your prayers and thoughts. I love you all and pray for you often.
Mom I just feel like I should say I love you tons. Don't worry about me, those that be with me are more than those that be with them haha who can find that scripture?
Do great things, be the changes you want to see, and of course, keep feeding them the carrot. haha love you guys!
to the moon and back
con amor

Elder Christensen

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