Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Haha made you look!! Sent: Tuesday, February 03, 2009 7:59 PM

hello american family
how is everyone doing tonight? no worries, I spoke with the President and asked for special permission to write this letter because i wasn't going to have two no letter weeks in one transfer, mostly I didnt want to get anyone mad.. mom haha but its all good. so no worries, still obedient, just wanted to share some love
anyways, most recent and most exciting to say the least and past

haha yeah raise those eye brows, no it means I'm going to train next cambio (companion)if things go to plan, which i hope they do. I was so pumped when the Presidente asked me if i wanted, I was like, heck yeah and then in the bus ride home I was struck with a sudden collapsing fear that i am going to be a father haha i imagine it something like the real situation haha but Im good now haha so yeah the President asked me this morning when we had interviews. Best thing ever! I think mine lasted 30 minutes, it was ridiculous. mostly it was the presidente trying to figure out what to do with my companion. He said something along the lines of, I dont know why he came out. So yeah.... but the rest was great. I am going to be a dad! A mexican baby! haha there are no more Americans coming for a while so yeah.... but it happens. To answer your question mom, no it just means that there will be more Mexicans than Americans for a while.

That's cool about Aaron going to Vera Cruz, I have heard alot of good things about that mission. Also extremely hot haha good luck. and Nano, I think a transfer to byu would be great if they would give you a scholarship. Boarden alot of views but yeah if you need an apartment, all of Tays roommates are getting married so.... haha jk
also Jen, hope you found your glasses, I can imagine Danielle standing behind you saying, i cant see without my glasses, in that nasiley voice haha glad to hear you two are getting along and doing great.
Coop, bro, how are you man? sorry about the loss, but you know that Henry is not going to go pointless in many games. keep up´the hard work and the grades. your are stud man.
oh yeah, Mom, thanks for the card number, works great, your wonderful for that. Glad to hear the business had a good night, very impressive.
Dad, love ya, haha sorry about the loss. Thanks for the story
ok yeah Uncle Tyler, i didn't get the e-mail till now but you got me on Sunday. You have my prayers as well.

ok my week really fast.
Yesterday i couldn't write cause we went to the PE√ĎA. Which translated means, big rock, but it was a touristy thing and my comp wanted to go so we went and it was not very exciting, but whatever already over it.
so Sunday we went to quaretaro for no reason and went to a members house to watch the super bowl. I wasn't pleased.
Thursday was the longest day of my life. I was arguing with my comp and my mission leader about the meaning of success as a missionary and how to go about it and yeah i was tired, angry, wanted to fight someone. When we got home I went to my patriartical, i cant spell, blesssing and it didnt help. it told me to be an example and a light and i felt like i was doing neither. I kelt in prayer and pleaded for help... the only answer i got was a line from my PB over and over in my mind. broaden your shoulders. Its been different since. Im happy to report that today was much better. We still dont talk to each other outside of appointments though haha oh well

alright I got to run but hey, love you all.

Fam, do great things this week, I want a report on bearing testimonies.
Love you all, but you all know that. lean on the LORD. HE lives and knows us.
to the moon and back,

Elder Christensen

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