Thursday, August 21, 2008

Who Said the MTC wasn't fun?‏ Sent:Thursday, August 21, 2008 9:48 AM

Hola familia? como estan? cualquier cosa bueno o malo? triste o falic? Entonces... I how is everyone doing? SO i'm just going to write this one letter this one letter seeing as my siblings seem to hate me haha but yeah mom or dad if you could forward this to my sisters that would be great. I will try to start writing everyone a letter just means that the big one will be shorter, idk well will see what happens. But yeah I will just start with the first letter that I got this week and see where we go from there. I'm pretty sure it was from dad but it didn't say so if it's not lo siento padre haha but yeah let's see, totally fine about the glasses, it's only ever really bad after I have been reading for a while and my eyes need time to ujust to things that aren't right there. I haven't gotten the package as of right now pero I am expecting it either today or tomorrow so esta bien.
lo siento hahasold buster? en serio? cimon... and you didn't have to pay them to take it from you too that's way impressive haha no I"m sure you and britton but a lot of effort into it, I wouldn't have minded it for college but i'll settle for the white nissan. Sounds like katie's wedding went pretty good, everyone seemed to ahve the same review of it. SOunds like mike may not be as christensen (loud) as we would like but hey either was britton at first but we always get them in the end haha sorry about the rain, sorry I missed out on the awesome dancing and the song, next time. I'm excited to hear how cooper's first day of school went and also the soccer. WHich he has not reported to me... we all have an opportunity to repent though haha cooper do well in school so mom and dad don't have to get mad. If you are a good student before coming to the MTC it makes it so much easier to study. Gracias por su estoria pardre sobre diezmo. We are still working on translating our experiences into spanish, it takes a little bit of time haha. congrats dad on running every day, maybe we can race again after I get back haha that's fun that you guys got to see sterling and B sounds like they are still up to their usual selves which is always good. I have a picture for sterling coming for him in my next chip, im just pointing to perth and mexico city and it's interesting to see how far it is.K mom's letter real fast.Visa's... yeah idk we have recieved our previsas which is good but we still don't know what is going to happen to us next week, we could be in the mtc, provo, georgia, or mexico so we will see. I figure you and jenny could make a conference call when I call from the airport and jenny put her cell on speaker for danielle and britton but Idk, we will get flight plans before we will worry about that. We got a letter on friday officially putting us on delay. So it wasn't a surprise but it was still disappointing. We had a fast yesterday to understand the will of our Heavenly Father, we will see what happens. I will put my trust in the Lord. Sounds like mom and Dad have the wonderful opportunity to make new friends with the soccer parents, I have faith in you guys. I would ask brad what to do and I would encourage the tournament as well. Glad to hear cooper is not suffering from a fat head yet hahaCongrats to danielle for the money!! that's awesome, way better then anything I did. Glad to hear your roomates will be a great opportunity to learn patience and grow... haha I have all the advice in the world in that area haha congrats mom on having work. Every member a missionary.SO yeah I have six minutes to talk about my week. let's do it. So yesterday I saw dan come down the hall while I was eating so I raced down the hall and met him at the end and gave him a hug and stuff. DId not think I would see him again but at dinner I was looking for him and right there in front of my was stan and dan so I sat down and chatted with them a littl bit but as I said I was ending my fast yesterday so I needed some food so I said I would write him today and tell both of them my schedule. It was good to see them though. (not sure who this next sentence is about) It was pretty good, a lot of scriptures but it was just more of his presence that made it worth going to. this week has been a lot of lessons, we have been teaching in spanish for an average of four hours a day, let's just say I miss spanish at the end of the day haha but yeah this week has been really good with elder ashcraft but the rest of the district has been kind of tense so idkWell my time is up , I love you guys and I'm sorry I can't write more about what's happening but yeah. I love you all and you're in my prayersElder ChristensenDO great!!!

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